Top 10 popular Nepali actress 2072

In reference to , top 10 popular actress list published by Kantipur Saptahik , Here are top 10 popular Nepali actress of the year 2072 !!!

10)  Shilpa Pokharel



Shilpa Pokharel was featured to a film named “Fagu ” .The film commercially was a failure but the critics and viewers appreciated the role of Shilpa .

The engagement rumor of Shilpa with NRN Binod Karki aided Shilpa to be on spotlight as well.

9) Rajani K.C.

rajani kc

Rajani KC featured film “Pardeshi ” was commercially hit .The role and performance of Rajani was well acclaimed among-st the public.

8) Nisha Adhikari


Nisha Adhikari ‘s comeback movie “Lootera “was one of successful movie of 2072. Nisha Adhikari , who is known for her role in Apabaad , Mission Paisa 2 and Soongava had embarked journey to climb Everest . She was successful on her endeavor .This achievement of Nisha spotlighted her in the year 2072.

7) Neeta Dhungaana


Neeta Dhungana featured film Phoolai Phool ko Mausam Timilaai  and Dhun was not commercially successful but the performance of Neeta was well-acclaimed .Apart from movies , Neeta was busy in shooting of music videos .She nearly acted in more than a dozen music videos in year 2072.

6) Pooja Sharma

pooja sharma

Prem Geet actress , Pooja Sharma is one of the popular actress of the year 2072. The movie Prem Geet was a blockbuster .The sucess of Prem Geet aided to popularity of this actress. Pooja Sharma had also acted in Chanke panke sanke , which was not commercially successful.

Rumor of Pooja being in relationship with Sudarshan Thapa was also hot talk in the market .

5) Keki Adhikari


Keki Adhikari was seen in  Bhag Sani Bhag , Bagmati and Fanko  in 2072 .Among st which , Bhag Sani Bhag and Fanko was commercially successful .Keki’s role in Bhaag sani bhaag and fanko was well acclaimed .

Also the love making scene of Keki and Saugat in the film Shree 5 Ambare was hot talk in year 2072

4) Rekha Thapa

rekha thapa

Rekha Thapa starer film Ram Pyari was commercially a success but Jau hida Pokhara was a failure. The news on Rekha Thapa singing for a song in movie Lal Jodhee was popular talk back then and increased level of popularity of Rekha .

3) Deepa Shreee Niurala


Deepa Shree Niurala , who is known for her comedy act in ‘ Tito satya  ‘acted in the film Oda no 6 .The song of the film “Surke Thaili khoi ” was a hit song of 2072  and dance of Deepa in the song gained much popularity .

2) Namrata Shrestha


Namrata’s acting in the film “Classic” gained much popularity .She even bagged two awards in a row for Classic .The song named after Namrata “ Aye Namrata ” was a popular song that increased popularity of Namrata .

Not only that , Namrata had clarified about her sex scandal rumor .This sky rocketed popularity of Namrata and she became hot talk of the town

1)Samragyee RL Shah


Dreams actress , Samragyee is popular actress of 2072 . Debuted through Dreams in the industry , Samragyee was able win hearts of millions of audience through her outstanding performance in her first movie Dreams .Her acting was well acclaimed among-st the public and critics .



President Vidhya Devi Bhandari gives away National Film awards (Winners complete list )

On occasion of anniversary of Film Development board , FDB has organized  National Films award in Shital Niwas . President Vidhya Devi Bhandari gave away trophies to the winners of respective categories .

Here is complete list of winners :-

  • Best writer :- Khagendra Lamichhane for Pashupati Prasad
  • Best actor :- Dayahang Rai for Kabbadi Kabbadi
  • Best actress :- Namrata Shrestha for Classic
  • Best director :- Dipendra K khanal for Pashupati Prasad
  • Best film :- Pashupati Prasad
  • Best editor :- Surendra Poudel for Classic
  • Best Cinematographer :- Pursottam pradhan and sanjaya lama for Dreams
  • Best native film :- Impo Deurali
  • Jury Best new producer :-Bhuwan KC


FDB awards

source(s) – Onlinekhabar

Namrata Shrestha

namraata shrestha



Name :- Namrata Shrestha

Date of birth :-June 14, 1985

Birthplace :- Dharan

Occupation :- Model , Actress

Height :-5 ft 1 inch

Debut movie : Sano Sansaar (2008)




Namrata Shrestha is welll known and established actress of Nepal .This model turned actress  has acted in lots of films , most of which are blockbusters . Namrata is well known for her onscreen pairing with Aaryan Sigdel.


Namrata was born in June 14, 1985 in Dharan .She did her +2 from St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu. She entered to media film through RJ , VJ then was involved in some modelling projects .She acted in some music videos .She got her breakthrough in filmline with her debut film Sano sansaar (2008) which was a blockbuster. Namrata was then assigned to many other projects.

Namrata is also involoved in some theatre acts .She also debuted in her first theater called Jalpari which is based on the play of Lady From the Sea.


  1. Sano sansaar (2008)
  2. Mero euta sathi chha (2009)
  3.  First Love (2010)
  4. Purple days (2011)
  5. Miss u (2012)
  6. Soongava (2012)
  7. Chhadke (2013)
  8. Maun (2013)
  9. Megha (2014)
  10. November rain (2014)
  11. Tandav (2014)
  12. Soul sister (2015)
  13. Sambodhan (2015)
  14. Classic (2016)
  15. Homework (2016)



  1. Gharbar – rajesh rai
  2. Pauju Le – Ratna Subba

  3. Mayalu muhar – Santosh lama
  4. Aaja voli timile – Rajesh Payal Rai
  5. Laaj ko lali – Udit Narayan

and many more


namarata shrestha award

  1. Best Actor (female) for Maun in INFA Awards (Hong Kong)
  2. National best actress award


November Rain , The review


FLIM :-  November rain

CAST :-  Namrata shrestha , Aryan sigdel , Chhulthim Gurung

GENRE :-  Romance , Tragedy

DIRECTOR :- Dinesh Raut

WRITER :-  Chhetan Gurung


November rain is 2014 romance yet tragedy film  by Dinesh Raut.The film features Namrata Shrestha , Aryan Sigdel and Chhulthim Gurung in lead roles and Keshav Bhattari, Shishir Rana in supporting roles. The film is written by Chhetan Gurung . The film depicts story of three people and contrast their story with unusual rain in November that changes their life.

Aayush is heart patient who lives in Dharan . After death of her mother , he finds that his mother isnot her real mother and that he had been adopted by her from Kathmandu . In search of his real parents , he travels all the way to Kathmandu where he meets  Sheetal (Namrata Shrestha ).Aayush shares special bond with Sheetal , that whenever he approaches to Sheetal , feels as if something lost for years has been found .Unknown of their history , Both Aayush and Sheetal start falling for each other .But once curtains of the history unveils that, In 1982  Dr. Sharma had  illegally swapped  heart of his daughter, Sheetal who was heart patient by birth with Aayush  , born the same day , to fulfill his wife’s last wish . Known to bitter history and truth that he  has few days left for survival , Aayush start ignoring Sheetal in best possible way.

Dalli , onesided lover of Aayush also travels to Kathmandu and assist Aayush in helping his real parents who were living in hard times and were in debt. Helping his parents from financial difficulty he figures out that he approaching towards death .Sheetal , who couldnot get rid of her feelings later figures out the truth and reason for Aayush ignoring her . But, by then Aayush was breathing his last breath .The death of Aayush leaves huge pain for both Aayush and Dalli and whenever it rains, both get lost to raindrops in memory of their beloved , Aayush .

Talking about strenghths , The story is amazingly portrayed with restrospective story plot adding suspense to the film . The acting of leads are natural .The role of Dalli (Chhulthim Gurung ) was publically acclaimed and the chemistry of Namrata and Aaryan is beyond perfect. Dialogues , Cinematography , Music has given  justice to film .The film is sad love story and  would shed tears to the viewers.

Talking about weakness , Story plot is very slow upto first half .First half is seriously boring but with entry of Dalli and retrospective story plot makes  the film interesting then after . The film has brought new story plot but the story plot is hypothetical rather reality based .The story sets back to 1982 , November 25 when the heart transplantation was done in the story but world’s first pediatric heart transplant was done on December 6, 1967,there is no way Nepal could adopt heart transplantation procedure that early .The writer has ignored scientific database. Normally, a heart transplanted patient lives for 15 days .As exception, Tony Huesman was the world’s longest living heart transplant recipient, having survived for 30 years but in the story , Aayush is 32 year old .He has set a new record .Medically , after heart transplantation , Sheetal’s life also should be in danger but the story hasnot spoke about this .

In conclusion , Blend of Emotions , Romance and  Medical Science , November rain is watch-worthy film .

Have you watched the flim ? NO ? Here is link to full movie !

Get yourself some tissue papers to enjoy journey of emotions !

Namrata Shrestha


naamrata shrestha


Name :-Namrata Shrestha

Date of birth :-1995 feb 7

Birthplace :- Kathmandu 

Debut movie :- Gaatho



Namrata Shrestha is upcoming debut actress from Gaatho. The film also stars Nazir Hussain , Abhaya Baral in lead role. Namrata , is well known model in the industry has has walked for many ramp shows.Its challenge for Namrata to boost her popualrity as she has to share her name with top , renowned actress Namrata who is best known for Sano sansar, Mero euta Saathi chha , Classic etc .Gaatho actress Namrata seems promising .Her performance is yet to be judged .


Namrata was born in Kathmandu and studied in The Times International College. Namrata was born in 1995 feb 7.  Namrata was model and walked in for shows like TGIF fashion week , The show and the runway temptation .



  1. Gaatho