New actress required for Anmol KC !!!

Anmol KC is popular actor of Nepal. With back to back blockbuster from his Hostel to his latest film Gajalu , Anmol hasnot repeated a single actress .To be precise , Anmol Kc plays opposite new actresses.Either be it Prakriti Shrestha in Hostel , Anna Sharma in Jerryy , Samragyee RL Shah in Dreams or Shristi Shrestha in Gajalu , Anmol KC has paired up with new actresses and introduced cute couples to the industry .Now that Anmol KC is assigned to CRI , a action based revenge film for 20 lakhs !!!! ..The production team is in search of new actress for the film.


The actress would be selected from open auditions.Intrested are to apply for the aunditions . Girls in age from 18-22 with height more than 5.5 ft. can apply for the auditions and win chance to share screen with Anmol K.C !!

Preety excited who is to share the screen with Anmol !!!!

Lets just wait and watch 🙂


Boyfriends of Nepali actress

Ever thought the actresses who steal away heart of many fans , who are lucky ones who steal away heart of the actresses ?.

This post might be heartbreaking to all die hard fans out there .But yet, Its post of excitement and fun .However , this post might require updates quite often and most importantly , the stated are relations are listed in accordance of actresses social profiles and secondary sources .

Here are list of boyfriends of Nepali actress:-

Anna Sharma , known for her role in Jerryyy and her onscreen chemistry with Anmol K.C was rumored to have been in relationship with Anmol .Both , Anmol and Anna stated themselves as just good friends .They have now officially stated they are and werenot in relationship .

So who is Anna ‘s Boyfriend ???…Its Sonam Tsering Sherpa !!!  Rumours state Sonam Tsering Sherpa is son of Lhakpa Sonam Sherpa , owner of Yeti Airlines .


anna sharma and her boyfriend
Anna and her Boyfriend

Jyotsna Yogi , a new debut actress from Ma ta timroooi hoon .With onscreen chemistry of Jyotsna with Aakash Shrestha , rumours that Jyotsna and Aakash are in relationship. These two fellows started their modelling career together and belong to House of Fashion In recent interview with Mazzako TV , they stated they both are in relationship..So, People are doubting if these two are in relationship .

But let me say , Jyotsna isnot in relationship with Aakash .She is in relationship with Razat Khadka !!!

Jyotsna with her boyfriend
Jyotsna and her boyfriend


Paramita Rana is well known actress in the industry .She is debuting with Chapali Height 2. Most of the might know or mightnot know , Paramita is in open relationship with Ayushman Desraj Joshi her co-star in Chapali height 2.

paramita with her boyfriend
Paramita’s boyfriend Ayushman

Luv Sab actress ,Karishma Shrestha is linked with Salon Basnet .These two fellows are caught together in media alot times but when they are asked to state about their relationship .They state themselves asbest friends.Well , According to Karan Johar , A boy and a girl can never be best friends. But when it comes to them , not at all. We know secret language of the celebrities ..Good friends means yes they are in relationship !

karishma and salon
Karishma and Salon
  • Aashma DC

Aashma DC , aavash actress is in relationship with Samyam Puri .Though there is rumour about their breakups , it is not verified yet .

Aashma and Samyam

Benisha Hamal is openly in relationship with Kosis Chhetri , Mokshya actor .She acclaimed themselves as bestfriends and then stated about liking him .

Benisha and kosish


  • Akesha Bista

Akesa , Zindagi rocks actress is rumoured to be in relationship with zindagi rocks co-star Sauram Tuladhar .

akesha and sauram
Akesha and Sauram


Keki Adhikari , who is seen in numerous of music videos and films. Keki is rumoured to be having something fishy with singer Rajesh Payal Rai .Recently , Keki and Rajesh Payal Rai are caught together .Both are active in social medias sharing their selfies .

keki and rajesh payal rai


  • Neeta Dhungana

Actress Neeta Dhungana has openly stated that she is deeply in love with Amesh Bhandari , co-star of fulai ful ko mausam timilaii .

neeta dhungana and amesh bhandari
Neeta and Amesh


Pooja Sharma , Known actress for Prem Geet is often rumoured with director Sudarshan Thapa .They are often caught together in media .They are rumored as couples but they havenot named their relationship .They regard themselves as just good friends. But in recent interview with Mazzako , On talk with Sudarshan Thapa not being romantic , Pooja Sharma said  Sudarshan Thapa isnot romantic when with her..Why would a friend be romantic with her ?..Point to be noted 🙂

pooja and sudarshan thapa


luv sab , full movie youtube release


Teen romantic comedy LUV SAB is recently released in youtube by highlightsnepal.The very sucessful movie luv sab stars Samyam puri , Karishma Shrestha , Salon Basnet and Shisir Bhandari in lead roles. The story revolves around three friends , Samyam , Karishma and Salon and effect on their friendship after entry of a girl ,Karishma in their life. The film is romantic comedy film .Best known for comedy roles, Salon and Shishir has taken responsibility to make aundience laugh throughout the film.Samyam however, plays role of dumb .

The flim is counted amongst sucessful movies of last year .Audiences who couldnot watch the flim due to some reasons can now watch and enjoy the movie at home.With youtube release , the movie accumulated more than 40K views in youtube in less than 24 hour .

Here is the link to the full movie ..Get yourself some refreshments and Enjoy the movie !

Barsha Raut

1555297_682901271835447_8846848989669927881_n (1)


Name :- Barsha Raut

Date of birth :- Dec 14

Birth place :- Sindhuli

Height:- 5 ft. 4 inch

Debut movie :- Nai navannu la 4



Barsha Raut is  popular yet promising actress of Nepal. Debuted from Nai navannu la 4 , Barsha , in very short time has able to establish herself as talented and popular actress. Best known for her smile , Barsha is definately one of beautiful actress in the industry.

In 2 years of her modelling career , Barsha acted in more than  3 dozens of music videos.Barsha says she did her first few music videos without permission of her parents as her parents are very strict. But with her performance , she was able to convince her parents to enter in this career .



Barsha is originally from Sindhuli. She regards herself as very rude person and thats tone thing she want to change about her. She is currently living in Koteshwor , Kathmandu .


Barsha is closest to Sanjog koirala .She regards him as his close and best friends. She says they are more than friends but not in relationship .She says she would love to be in relationship with him if such situation comes in near future.






  • Euta Satya by Bhishan Mukarung

  • Adhuro Lagchha – Kumar Lama
  • Timi Hidne Bato – Sailesh Sharma
  • Hulaki Dai – Ranjit Lama
  • I Wanna Live Again – Nepsyang Blues

          many more…


  • Nai navannu la 4 (Debut)
  • Chakka Panja
  • Jatra
  • Marina

Chhulthim Gurung



Name :- Chhulthim Gurung

Birthplace:- Tapting Village

Weight:- 46 kg

Occupation :- RJ,VJ , Model, Actress

Debut movie:– November rain




Debuted as Dalli from November rain , Chhulthim Gurung is one of promising actress of Nepal. Chhulthim Gurung entered to media flim as RJ from Gorkha FM in 2007 and then was seen as VJ in Nepal one television . Apart from RJ and VJ ,Chhuthim was assigned to some modelling projects .She debuted to Nepalese film industry through Superhit movie November Rain .

Chhulthim’s acting was publically acclaimed but Chhulthim officially said that November rain would be her first and last film but after some days, Chhulthim, again made official that she will be doing movies .Chhulthim is busy in her new film , Diary where she is debuting as producer. Chhulthim wants to be director in future and has directed some of music videos.

Apart from RJ , VJ , model and actress, Chhulthim is singer as well . Her debut song “Khaseka Tara ” is  publically acclaimed .



  1. NFDC Best supporting actress
  2. Box office award
  3. NFA award
  4. D Cine awards


  1.  November rain
  2.  Diary ( Coming soon )

JISM , trailer released


Jism , the movie which was popular in media due to various reasons has set Asar 31 as its release date .Product of Raju giris production, Jism is directed by Raju Giri himself . The flim stars Archana Paneru , better known as Nepali Sunny Leone and Surendra budhathoki in main roles .According to production crew, Archana was offered 4 lakhs for this movie .Despite being regarded as Archana Paneru’s first flim , the flim has been regarded the second movie interms of release date .

According to Raju Giri , the film deals with glamour world and the story plot revolves around a model named Archana who is bound to indulge in sexual activities so as to earn her living and for social welfare. He states Archana as model who is ready to sell herself for welfare of others. Raju Giri assures that the storyline is  good enough to compet hindi movies.

The flim was initially named as Glamour but as Archana suggested , the film was renamed as Jism .The fact that archana suggested flim to be renamed as jism , which was originally her debut flim , the title “Nepali Sunny Leone ” goes with her preety well as Sunny leone debuted bollywood with Jism 2 .

The flim is certified as adult film and viewers above 16 can only watch the movie. The flim would be released worldwide from Asar 31.

Anmol k.c , highest paid actor in Nepalese film industry !


Anmol K.C is highest paid actor of Nepalese Film Industry . With continous blockbusters , back to back  Anmol  is the most popular actor right now. The heartthrob sensation that anmol has , is able to capture heart of many nepalese girls.Started journey from Hostel , then sad romantic films , Jerry and Dreams , now when his gajalu is on release and doing preety well, Anmol has improved alot in his acting .The fame and name of Anmol k.c is rising and so is rate of this handsome hunk !

Anmol takes about 8-10 lakhs for a film .Now that his fame is rising , Anmol recently stated in an interview that he was offered a film for 30 lakhs !..However, Anmol told that he isnot concerned with the money that producers offer but is concerned  to script that they offer. Anmol says his ultimate aim is to broaden the scope and market of Nepalese film industry .

Recently, Anmol is assigned for a flim “kri” for 20 lakhs !! The flim will be made under banner of Kajal flims and Suwas entertainment. Kri is a sanskrit word which translates to revenge .The shooting of the flim will start after 6 months.

All the best for this handsome hunk , he certainly is rising star of the industry !