Nepali actress with uncommon name and their meaning


Keki is  unique name .Do you know meaning of Keki ??..

Keki is sanskrit word which means Peacock !!


Mariska is a unique name aswell .Mariska POkharel , who debuted from Ke ma timro hoina ra is one of promising actress ,Had lived in Japan , most of people think Mariska is a japanese word .But it isnot .

So whats mariska ??..Mariska is a hebrew word which means Mermaid

jyotsna yogi


Jyotsna yogi is well known model and actress who debuted from Ma ta timroi hoon .Jyotsna too have uncommon name .Most of us donot know the meaning of this name ..Do we ??

So let me reveal the meaning of Jyotsna, Jyotsna is a sanskrit word which means moonlight.

paramita rl rana

Paramita Rana is well known actress and model who debuted from Chapali height 2 .Paramita , more detailly Paramita Rajya Laxmi Rana , is a uncommon name .

Paramita is derived from Buddhism , which means  perfection or culmination of certain virtues. In Buddhism, these virtues are cultivated as a way of purification, purifying karma and helping the aspirant to live an unobstructed life, while reaching the goal of enlightenment.

  • Akesha bista


Akesha is rare name aswell . And the meaning is more rare. Akesha , to be precise isnot a name but short form . Yes , It might sound crazy but to accuracy of what I found , The full form of Akesha is :-

Adept Kind Eccentric Self-Disciplined Hard working Affectionate


Or maybe the name emerged out of Akasha which is a hindi word that means open air , space.


So ,  Anna or Aana isnot uncommon name .But real name of Anna Sharma is Annapurna Sharma  which is quite uncommon to be heard of . We nepalese know Annapurna is  a name of mountain .Yeaahh it is a Name of Mountain , a name ! So whats its meaning ?

Well , Annapurna is a sanskrit word which means Goddess of bread ! It means Bestower of food in great quantity .


Samragyee , dream girl !! Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah  is a popular actress who debuted from Dreams .So what is meaning of Samragyee ?

Samragyee is sanskrit word that means girl in power  , Empress or queen .She definately is approaching as Queen in the industry , The Kollywood Queen !!



Top 10 popular Nepali actress 2072

In reference to , top 10 popular actress list published by Kantipur Saptahik , Here are top 10 popular Nepali actress of the year 2072 !!!

10)  Shilpa Pokharel



Shilpa Pokharel was featured to a film named “Fagu ” .The film commercially was a failure but the critics and viewers appreciated the role of Shilpa .

The engagement rumor of Shilpa with NRN Binod Karki aided Shilpa to be on spotlight as well.

9) Rajani K.C.

rajani kc

Rajani KC featured film “Pardeshi ” was commercially hit .The role and performance of Rajani was well acclaimed among-st the public.

8) Nisha Adhikari


Nisha Adhikari ‘s comeback movie “Lootera “was one of successful movie of 2072. Nisha Adhikari , who is known for her role in Apabaad , Mission Paisa 2 and Soongava had embarked journey to climb Everest . She was successful on her endeavor .This achievement of Nisha spotlighted her in the year 2072.

7) Neeta Dhungaana


Neeta Dhungana featured film Phoolai Phool ko Mausam Timilaai  and Dhun was not commercially successful but the performance of Neeta was well-acclaimed .Apart from movies , Neeta was busy in shooting of music videos .She nearly acted in more than a dozen music videos in year 2072.

6) Pooja Sharma

pooja sharma

Prem Geet actress , Pooja Sharma is one of the popular actress of the year 2072. The movie Prem Geet was a blockbuster .The sucess of Prem Geet aided to popularity of this actress. Pooja Sharma had also acted in Chanke panke sanke , which was not commercially successful.

Rumor of Pooja being in relationship with Sudarshan Thapa was also hot talk in the market .

5) Keki Adhikari


Keki Adhikari was seen in  Bhag Sani Bhag , Bagmati and Fanko  in 2072 .Among st which , Bhag Sani Bhag and Fanko was commercially successful .Keki’s role in Bhaag sani bhaag and fanko was well acclaimed .

Also the love making scene of Keki and Saugat in the film Shree 5 Ambare was hot talk in year 2072

4) Rekha Thapa

rekha thapa

Rekha Thapa starer film Ram Pyari was commercially a success but Jau hida Pokhara was a failure. The news on Rekha Thapa singing for a song in movie Lal Jodhee was popular talk back then and increased level of popularity of Rekha .

3) Deepa Shreee Niurala


Deepa Shree Niurala , who is known for her comedy act in ‘ Tito satya  ‘acted in the film Oda no 6 .The song of the film “Surke Thaili khoi ” was a hit song of 2072  and dance of Deepa in the song gained much popularity .

2) Namrata Shrestha


Namrata’s acting in the film “Classic” gained much popularity .She even bagged two awards in a row for Classic .The song named after Namrata “ Aye Namrata ” was a popular song that increased popularity of Namrata .

Not only that , Namrata had clarified about her sex scandal rumor .This sky rocketed popularity of Namrata and she became hot talk of the town

1)Samragyee RL Shah


Dreams actress , Samragyee is popular actress of 2072 . Debuted through Dreams in the industry , Samragyee was able win hearts of millions of audience through her outstanding performance in her first movie Dreams .Her acting was well acclaimed among-st the public and critics .


Keki Adhikari


Name :- Keki Adhikari

Date of birth :- 17 December 1989

Birthplace :-Kathmandu, Nepal

Occupation :- Actress , Model

Height :- 5 ft 4 inch

Debut :- Swor (2010)


Keki Adhikari is one of eminent actress 0f  Nepal who in short time has able to establish herself in the industry .With buoyant personality and cute looks , Keki is featured in dozens of films and music videos .This model-turned actress debuted from the film Swor back in 2010 and then played in various films.


Keki Adhikari in Nefta AwardKeki adhikari was born in 17 December 1989 to father , Badri Adhikari and mother, Laxmi Adhikari in Jorpati, Kathmandu .She finished her schooling from Bal Sirjanalaya School and then read up on White house College for her +2 degree . She then joined  Prime College to study bachelors in Information Management . She then full stopped her study with MBA degree from Presidential College.

Keki started her media  career by participating in dance reality show “Ghintang” in NTV2 .The co-producer of the show gave her break through an opportunity to act in music video of Kasari by Mingma Sherpa.The music video was popular among-st the viewers and hence ,laid the cornerstone of media career for Keki . Keki was then , hot cake in music videos .

In 2010 , Keki debuted to filmline through Swor along with Reema Biswohkarma .Keki and Reema are good friends in the industry .After that , Keki appeared in numerous of movies like I am sorry , Mahasus , Masan etc. She was able to grab ‘Best actress‘ for   ‘Biteka Pal’ in 7th NEFTA awards.


  1. Malai Compensation Le – Ajay Adhikari

  2. Chicken Curry – Hemanta KC

  3. Paru – Hari Lamsal

  4. Galti Bho – pramod kharel

  5. Camera Ma Hoina – Nalina Chitrakar

    and many more ….


  1. Swor (2010)
  2. Masan (2011)
  3. Maya ko Barima (2012)
  4. I am Sorry (2012)
  5. Mahasus (2013)
  6. Mutu (2013)
  7. Biteka Pal (2013)
  8. Mero Best Friend (2014)
  9. Shree paach Ambare (2014)
  10. Fanko (2015)
  11. Bagmati (2015
  12. Punarjanma (2015)
  13. How Funny (2016)
  14. Bhaag sani bhaag (2016)


  1.  ‘Best actress‘ for   ‘Biteka Pal’ in 7th NEFTA awards
  2. “Best Actress”  for Mahasus in Dcine awards
  3. “Best Actress ”  for ‘Mahahush’ in Kamana film awards