Nepali actress with uncommon name and their meaning


Keki is  unique name .Do you know meaning of Keki ??..

Keki is sanskrit word which means Peacock !!


Mariska is a unique name aswell .Mariska POkharel , who debuted from Ke ma timro hoina ra is one of promising actress ,Had lived in Japan , most of people think Mariska is a japanese word .But it isnot .

So whats mariska ??..Mariska is a hebrew word which means Mermaid

jyotsna yogi


Jyotsna yogi is well known model and actress who debuted from Ma ta timroi hoon .Jyotsna too have uncommon name .Most of us donot know the meaning of this name ..Do we ??

So let me reveal the meaning of Jyotsna, Jyotsna is a sanskrit word which means moonlight.

paramita rl rana

Paramita Rana is well known actress and model who debuted from Chapali height 2 .Paramita , more detailly Paramita Rajya Laxmi Rana , is a uncommon name .

Paramita is derived from Buddhism , which means  perfection or culmination of certain virtues. In Buddhism, these virtues are cultivated as a way of purification, purifying karma and helping the aspirant to live an unobstructed life, while reaching the goal of enlightenment.

  • Akesha bista


Akesha is rare name aswell . And the meaning is more rare. Akesha , to be precise isnot a name but short form . Yes , It might sound crazy but to accuracy of what I found , The full form of Akesha is :-

Adept Kind Eccentric Self-Disciplined Hard working Affectionate


Or maybe the name emerged out of Akasha which is a hindi word that means open air , space.


So ,  Anna or Aana isnot uncommon name .But real name of Anna Sharma is Annapurna Sharma  which is quite uncommon to be heard of . We nepalese know Annapurna is  a name of mountain .Yeaahh it is a Name of Mountain , a name ! So whats its meaning ?

Well , Annapurna is a sanskrit word which means Goddess of bread ! It means Bestower of food in great quantity .


Samragyee , dream girl !! Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah  is a popular actress who debuted from Dreams .So what is meaning of Samragyee ?

Samragyee is sanskrit word that means girl in power  , Empress or queen .She definately is approaching as Queen in the industry , The Kollywood Queen !!



Top 10 popular actors of Nepal 2072

In reference to , top 10 popular actor list published by Kantipur Saptahik , Here are top 10 popular Nepali actors of the year 2072 !!!


10 ) Sabin Shrestha

sabin shrestha

Sabin Shrestha , an actor known for dashing looks and good physique , had three film releases in year 2072 . His movies Sapana timro mero and Bhaag Sani Bhag was commercially sucessful .His act , looks and physique was matter of talk marking him an actor with possibilities.

9) Vinaya Shrestha

vinaya shrestha as resham


Resham Filili actor Vinya Shrestha was on spotlight during 2072 due to his outstanding performance on the film and hit song”Jaalma ” .Vinaya had produced the film Resham Filili .The film had created tremendous buzz after its poster ,trailer and audio release .It was one of most-awaited movie of the year .The film was a commercial sucess but couldnot earn as much as it was supposed to .The Earthquake that struck a day after its release was the main barrier on its earning.

8) Jivan Luitel


Jivan Luitel had two releases in the yera 2072 , which were Jau hida Pokhara  and Refugee . Both were commercialy failure but Jivan luitel managed to entertain and win hearts of his fans and aundiences .

7) Saugat Malla

saugat malla

Saugat Malla is one of versatile actor of Nepal .HIs two releases for the year 2072  , Kabbadi Kabbadi  and fanko was commercially sucessful .His role as b omkaji in kabbadi kabbadi and Bhakti Thapa in Fanko was publically acclaimed.

Also , the love making scene with Keki Adhikari in Shree 5 Ambare created buzz in the market.

6) Deepak Raj Giri


Deepak Raj Giri , known for his role in comedy-series Tito Satya was popular talk in year 2072 for his film Oda no 6 .The popular song of the film “Surke Thaili khoi aided to his popularity .Not only that , His looks for the film was a attention seeking.

5) Nikhil Upreti

nikhil bhairav


Best known as Action king , Nikhil Upreti was popular during year 2072 .His comeback film Bhairav was commercially sucessful .His role as police officer in the film and action stunts in the film made him popular.

4) Aaryan Sigdel

aryan sigde

Aaryan Sigdel had two releases in 2072 , Classic and Aabeg .Best known as chocolaty hero , Aryan is best prefered in love stories  but in recent days , Aryan has been portraying himself as action hero aswell .In Aabeg , he portrayed action hero role whereas in Classic , he portrayed role of blind lover .His role in Classic was  acclaimed by public

3) Dayahang Rai


Dayahang Rai is one of versatile actor of the industry .He is known for his natural acting .He had four releases during the year .His film kabbadi Kabbadi was a blockbuster .He wasmatter of talk as despite of so many attempts , he failed to win over Maiya in second series of Kabbadi aswell .The buzz of possibility of kabbadi 3 and Dayahang Rai to either hook up with new girl or try again for Maiya was popular talk .

2) Pradip Khadka


Pradip Khadka , Prem geet actor was popular actor of the year .The film Prem Geet was a blockbuster .The popularity of film increased popularity of Pradip .Also the matter of Prem geet actress , Pooja Sharma blocking him in facebook was huge controversy and thus made himmore popular


1) Anmol K.C

anmol kc in daura suruwal

Anmol KC had one  release in 2072 , Dreams which was a blockbuster ! The chemistry between Anmol and Dreams co-star Samragyee was matter of talk .More importantly , The death of Anmol in Dreams was huge talk amongst public .Anmol had died in his previous movie Jerry as well.Till Dreams , All the movies he acted had sad ending , either be it in Hostel , Jerry or Dreams .The talks , trolls and his role in Dreams made Anmol popular actor of 2072 .He was even awarded with Star of the year or Most popular actor in FAAN awards .


Top 10 popular Nepali actress 2072

In reference to , top 10 popular actress list published by Kantipur Saptahik , Here are top 10 popular Nepali actress of the year 2072 !!!

10)  Shilpa Pokharel



Shilpa Pokharel was featured to a film named “Fagu ” .The film commercially was a failure but the critics and viewers appreciated the role of Shilpa .

The engagement rumor of Shilpa with NRN Binod Karki aided Shilpa to be on spotlight as well.

9) Rajani K.C.

rajani kc

Rajani KC featured film “Pardeshi ” was commercially hit .The role and performance of Rajani was well acclaimed among-st the public.

8) Nisha Adhikari


Nisha Adhikari ‘s comeback movie “Lootera “was one of successful movie of 2072. Nisha Adhikari , who is known for her role in Apabaad , Mission Paisa 2 and Soongava had embarked journey to climb Everest . She was successful on her endeavor .This achievement of Nisha spotlighted her in the year 2072.

7) Neeta Dhungaana


Neeta Dhungana featured film Phoolai Phool ko Mausam Timilaai  and Dhun was not commercially successful but the performance of Neeta was well-acclaimed .Apart from movies , Neeta was busy in shooting of music videos .She nearly acted in more than a dozen music videos in year 2072.

6) Pooja Sharma

pooja sharma

Prem Geet actress , Pooja Sharma is one of the popular actress of the year 2072. The movie Prem Geet was a blockbuster .The sucess of Prem Geet aided to popularity of this actress. Pooja Sharma had also acted in Chanke panke sanke , which was not commercially successful.

Rumor of Pooja being in relationship with Sudarshan Thapa was also hot talk in the market .

5) Keki Adhikari


Keki Adhikari was seen in  Bhag Sani Bhag , Bagmati and Fanko  in 2072 .Among st which , Bhag Sani Bhag and Fanko was commercially successful .Keki’s role in Bhaag sani bhaag and fanko was well acclaimed .

Also the love making scene of Keki and Saugat in the film Shree 5 Ambare was hot talk in year 2072

4) Rekha Thapa

rekha thapa

Rekha Thapa starer film Ram Pyari was commercially a success but Jau hida Pokhara was a failure. The news on Rekha Thapa singing for a song in movie Lal Jodhee was popular talk back then and increased level of popularity of Rekha .

3) Deepa Shreee Niurala


Deepa Shree Niurala , who is known for her comedy act in ‘ Tito satya  ‘acted in the film Oda no 6 .The song of the film “Surke Thaili khoi ” was a hit song of 2072  and dance of Deepa in the song gained much popularity .

2) Namrata Shrestha


Namrata’s acting in the film “Classic” gained much popularity .She even bagged two awards in a row for Classic .The song named after Namrata “ Aye Namrata ” was a popular song that increased popularity of Namrata .

Not only that , Namrata had clarified about her sex scandal rumor .This sky rocketed popularity of Namrata and she became hot talk of the town

1)Samragyee RL Shah


Dreams actress , Samragyee is popular actress of 2072 . Debuted through Dreams in the industry , Samragyee was able win hearts of millions of audience through her outstanding performance in her first movie Dreams .Her acting was well acclaimed among-st the public and critics .


Jharana Thapa

jharana thapa

Name :–  Jharana Thapa

Height:– 5 ft 4 inch

Date of birth:- March 28, 1981

Star sign :- Gemini

Birthplace :-Kathmandu

Occupation :- Actress , Director

Debut :-Jeevan Saathi (1993)

Jharana Thapa is nepalese actress , model and director .Debuted from Jeevan Saathi (1993) , Jharana is one of famous , popular and talented actress of Nepali film industry.She is featured in many nepali movies and awarded with some awards .


Jharana Thapa was born in March 28, 1981 in Kathmandu .

Jharana debuted to the industry through Jeevan Saathi in 1993. She was paid 30,000 for the film. She was then featured in numerous films then after like  Sukha Dukha, Bhaitika ,Purnima ,Siundo Ko Sindur ,Muglan ,Subash No Smoking , Chadai Aau Hai,Jodi No. 1 , Kaslai Aafno Bhanu . She was also nominated as brand ambassador for the End Water Poverty campaign in Nepal.

Jharana is also a producer and has produced films like Dharma Sankat , ‘Gorkhali’, ‘A Mero Hajur’ and ‘Takdir’.She is debuting as director in new film A mero hajur 2 .


Jharana married Sunil Kumar Thapa in 1998 .They have daughter named Suhana Thapa who is in her teens .

Jharana had once allegedly slapped actress Regina Upreti  after seeing Regina with her husband, Sunil Kumar Thapa late night infront oftheir own Joom Restaurant in New Baneshowr . Police and some journalists arrived at the scene when the matter got worse. Jharana had  noticed his husband was taking interest on Regina since last one and half years. After this incident , Jharana was living in her parents house.


  1. Jeevan Saathi
  2. Anjali
  3. Sukha Dukha
  4. Bhaitika
  5. Purnima
  6. Siundo Ko Sindur
  7. Muglan
  8. Subash


  1. Best Actress , Fem Botanica KTV Film Awards 2065 for Takdir
  2. Best Actress , KTV Film Award 2066 for Ma timi bina marihalchu


Madan Krishna Shrestha

madan krishna shrestha

Name :–  Madan Krishna Shrestha

Date of birth:- April 19, 1950

Birthplace :- Jitpur Phedi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Occupation :- Actor, Comedian, singer, writer

Achievements :- Maha jodi title with Hari Bansha Acharya

Parents :– Father Ram Krishna Lal Shrestha and Mother Laxmi Devi Shrestha,

Debut :- Lovipaapi


Madan Krishna Shrestha is one of Maha Duo , known and respected for his contribution to Nepali media . Madan Krishna Shrestha has been awarded with numerous awards including Gorkha Dakshin Bahu award , very prestigious award for his contribution to nepali media.


Madan  Krishna Shrestha was born in  April 19, 1950 in  Jitpur Phedi, Kathmandu, Nepal between father Ram Krishna Lal Shrestha and Mother Laxmi Devi Shrestha . He received his primary education from the Montessori school, J.P. school and Padmadev School. He passed SLC from Shanti Nikunja School and then he finished his I.Com. at Mahendra Ratna Public College .He attempted a B.A. at a private institute. But , he could not make it through his graduation since he was very much involved in the field of art.

maaha jodi

In his childhood,  he was interested in music and he recorded his first song in Radio Nepal in 2022 BS. He started working as a teacher, at the age of 14, to support his family. He later joined Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh in 2023 BS. Shrestha was noticed by nepalese viewers after his performance in Rastriya Gaijatra Mahotsav in 2032 BS. Before that , He had contributions in art for 10 years. Sucess story started when he met Hari Bansha Acharya . Their pairing was critically acclaimed .Then , The duo began to act on many comedic dramas together in Nepal  and abroad . Madan Krishna and hari Bamsha have created a company called Maha Sanchar. The MaHa Jodi has produced a lot of Drama & Tele films based on sociopolitical sector of Nepal.


In 2031 BS , he married Yeshoda Shrestha .He has a son named Yaman Shrestha, and a daughter named Shrana Shrestha. Madan Krishna Shrestha now , lives in Dhobidhara, Kathmandu with his family.


  1. Lovi Paapi
  2. Filim
  3. Rajamati
  4. Basudev
  5. Ke Ghar Ke Deraa
  6. Silu
  7. Mala
  8. Truck Driver
  9. Balidaan
  10. Je Bho Ramrai Bho
  11. Sukha Dukha
  12. Chandalika


  1. Mahasan—published by Sajha Prakashan


  1. Gorkha Dakshin Bahu – His Majesty of Government
  2. Jagadamba Shree Award 2047 (1991) – Madan Puraskar Guthi
  3. Jaycess Youth Award 1988 – Nepal Jaycess
  4. Rastriya Yuba Gaurav Samman 2054 – Antarrastriya Manch Nepal
  5. Best Comedian 2043 (1986) – Lions Club Bishal Bazar
  6. Best Actor 2054 (1992) – Abhiyan
  7. Best Director 2048 (1992) – Tele Film Award
  8. Best Script Writer
  9. Best Dialogue 2047 (1991) – Nepal Video Film Organization
  10. Best Singer 2026 (1969) – Prakash Pustakalaya, Jochhen, Kathmandu
  11. Abhiyan Shree Award 2057 (2000)
  12. Nepal Samman 2057 Nepal Felicitation 2000 – Everest Foundation Nepal
  13. Best Character Artist Award 2056 (2056) – Nepal Motion Picture Association
  14. Outstanding Contribution Award 2058 (1001) – Nepal Motion Picture Award
  15. Millennium Khyali Juju Award 2057 (2000)
  16. Hari Tara Award 2052 (1996) – Nepal Film Artist Association
  17. Best Dialogue – Nepal Film Artist Association
  18. Best Story Writer – Abhiyan
  19. Appreciation Award 1999 – The Everest Magazine, Toronto, Canada
  20. Lux Movie Award 2003 – The Best Character Artist

Hari Bansha Acharya

hari bansa acharya'


Name :–  Hari Bansha Acharya

Date of birth:- November 13, 1958

Birthplace :-Gairidhara ,Kathmandu

Occupation :- Actor, comedian, singer, writer

Parents :–Father is Homanjaya Acharya and  mother  is Ganesh Kumari

Achievement: Maha jodi title with Madan Krishna Shrestha

Debut :- Lovipapi


Hari bansha Acharya is one of popular actor and comedian who is known best for his pairing with Madan Krishna Shrestha . Hari bansa  Acharya is most respected public figure in Nepal , in consideration to valuable contribution to Nepali media .



Hari Bansa Acharya was born in  November 13, 1958  in Gairidhara ,Kathmandu .

Hari Bansha iinitiatedf his media  career by performing radio drama  with Hari Prasad Rimal and Jitendra Mahat Avilashi on Radio Nepal,  the only radio station in Nepal back then in 2031 BS.

In 2032, Hari Bansha Acharya joined Rastriya Naach Ghar. He participated in Gaijatra Mahotsav in 2034 BS . He had struggled in the entertainment field alone for 6 years until   he became  a part of the MAHA Jodi with Madan Krishna Shrestha .

maha jodi'

Hari Bansha Acharya has also acted  in films like Lovipapi, Filim, Rajamati, Silu, Balidaan, Je Bho Ramrai bho, and Tan ta sarhai bigrish ni badri  that were and are  very  popular in the Nepali film industry. Acharya is best known for his comic role in series  like Lal Purja, Pandra Gatay, Bhakunde Bhoot, Series of Hari Bahadur and Madan Bahadur, 50/50, and Dashain ko Chyangra, that are still cherished by Nepalese in present day.

Acharya is also a writer by profession. He has written several national prize winning books based on social sector. . His masterpiece “China Harayeko Manxe” is one of the best selling books of Nepal.



Hari Bansha Acharya had married Meera Acharya in 2040 BS. They  have two sons, Trilok Acharya and Mohit Acharya. But unfortunately ,  Meera Acharya died from a stroke on April 20, 2011. She was suffering from heart disease back then . Hari Bansa Acharya remained single for long time until he married a widow named Ramila Pathak .Ramila has 21 year old son from her previous marriage and is 10 years younger than acharya.


  1.  Lovipapi
  2. Filim
  3. Rajamati
  4. Balidaan
  5. Je Bho Ramrai Bho
  6. Tan ta sarhai bigrish ni badri



  1. Mahasan — published by Sajha Prakashan
  2. Neparujinno Kurasito Seuji (Social and Political Life of Nepal
  3. China Harayeko Manchhe (autobiography of Hari Bansa Acharya, 2013)



  1. Purple ribbon award
  2. NEFTA
  3. OFA awards