Aaryan Sigdel


aryan sigde
Aaryan Sigdel


Name :–  Aaryan Sigdel

Other names :- Harish Sigdel

Height:– 5ft 4 inch

Date of birth:- August 5, 1984

Birthplace :-Gothikada, Surkhet, Nepal

Occupation :- Actor

Parents :–father Ramchandra Sigdel and mother Sharada Sigdel

Debut :- Kismat (2007)


Aaryan Sigdel is a popular actor of Nepali film industry . Best known for his role in Mero Euta Saathi cha , November rain and Classic , Aryan Sigdel is chocolaty hero of Nepal.Debuted from Kismat (2007) , Aaryan was then featured in many other films .



aryan before
Aryan as  yougster

Aryan Sigdel was born as Harish Sigdel  in  August 5, 1984 in Gothikada, Surkhet, Nepal in between father Ramchandra Sigdel and mother Sharada Sigdel. She also has sister Yasoda who is currently living in Australia .His father, Ramchandra Sigdel,  was a hindu priest.His family then shifted to Thankot later.Sigdel studied in  Dipendra Police School  and completed his schooling from  Mangloday High School . He pursued BBS in Ratna Rajya College but couldnot finish his degree as his passion shifted from study to acting .He took some acting lessons .

Aaryan entered to media as a dancer in Trikon Kala Kendra. Later, he joined Pariwartan Nepal and was able to grab himself  a lead role in a street drama  ‘Janatako Prajatantra’ .After street plays , Aryan headed towards music videos . He was noticed by Rekha Thapa and she is the key person to bring Aryan to the industry .

Aryan debuted from Kismat and then was featured to many films like Mero euta saathi chha , kollywood , dhunwa yo nasha , november rain etc .He established himself as  Chocolaty hero of Nepal .Aryan is best known for his pairing with Namrata Shrestha .Aryan was highest paid actor of Nepal before Anmol KC entered the industry.




aryan and sapna


Aryan Sigdel is married to Sapana Bhandari . Aryan  married his girlfriend Sapana Bhandari , with whom he had relationship for more than 5 years , on 19th April 2014 (6th Baisakh) . They  threw reception party on 7th Baisakh in which famous personalities of Nepal film industry were invited.

Aryan is best known for his onscreen pairing with Namrata Shrestha .




  1. Kismat (2007)
  2. Mausam (2008)
  3. Mero Euta Saathi Cha (2009)
  4. First Love (2010)
  5. Kohi Mero (2010)
  6. Kasle Choryo Mero Man (2010)
  7. K Yo Maya Ho (2011)
  8. Mero Love Story (2011)
  9. I Am Sorry (2011)
  10. Dhuwaa Yo Nasha (2012)
  11. Kollywood (2013)
  12. Mahashush (2013)
  13. Loafer (2013 )
  14. Madhumas (2013)
  15. November Rain (2014)
  16. Lajja (2014)
  17. Naike (2014)
  18. Mala (2014)
  19. Alvida (2014)
  20. Nai Nabhannu la 3 (2015)
  21. Classic (2016)
  22. Homework (2016)



  1. National Award for best Actor(Mausam)
  2. National Award for best Actor (Mero Euta Saathi Chha)
  3.  Best Actor Award, D Cine Award (Kohi Mero)
  4. Best Actor Award, NEFTA Award (Kasle Choryo Mero Man)
  5. Best Actor (male) 2014 , INFA awards ( Mahasush )
  6. Best Actor , FAAN 2015 ( Classic)

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