Hostel Review

hostelFlim :- Gajaluu

Cast :- Anmol K.C , Prakriti Shrestha , Gaurav Pahari , Salon Basnet ,  Rista Basnet etc

Director :- Hemraj BC.

Writer :-Hemraj BC

Genre :- Romance , comedy

Ratings :- 3/5


Hostel is 2013 romantic comedy film by Hemraj BC .The film was made under Durgish Banner and produced by Sunil Rawal , who is known for his work in Saayad . Hemraj BC marked his debut in direction through this film .The film stars new faces  Anmol K.C , Gaurav Pahadi, Salon Basnet, Rista Basnet and Prakriti Shrestha in lead roles.The film  features love, betrayal, friendship,emotions, family ties etc

Aditya bikram rana ( Anmol K.C ) is a  rich guy.He was sent to hostel at his early childhood so he isnot hooked up with family emotions, love and care.He has no any concern to love and care.He enjoys living life as he wills .He meets with new people Shree ( Gaurav Pahari ), Junge  (Salon Basnet  )    , Shristy  (Prakriti Shrestha) , Monika and Erica. A special bonding starts to develop between these people, a special bonding called Friendship.However, Aditya manages to fight with the senior on the very first day of college and develops wrath of senior guy, Sonam Tashi. He also manages to develop wrath of warden as he blackmails warden by showing his sex video.The warden is then compelled to obey orders of Aditya.In this way, he manages to organize a campfire during Shiva ratri where he finds that Shristy loves her and start being intimate with her.In other hand, Shree who loved Shristy since class 11 shed his broken heart in tears.

In holi, Aditi plans to go Bhotekoshi where Shristy finds that Aditya was just flirting with her.Shristy slaps Aditya and cries away.When Shree ask Aditya to apologize,Aditya recklessly answers that it was worth being intimate with her. Aditya’s words were sharp enough to cut off bonding between them and others. Aditya is left all alone whereas in other hand, friends try to cheer Shristi up.Slowly, Shristy finds out that Shree had feeling for her.She manages to get rid of Aditya. Congratulation to Aditya!! He was now able to earn warth from everyone.

Aditya gets obsessed with himself that he had no any feeling of love, care, emotions since he was send to hostel since early childhood stage.He feels lonely .In other hand, Junge also miss the fun he had with Aditya,he thinks of patching up with Aditya but when he goes to patch up, he knews that Aditya was blackmailing warden with his sex video.Knowing this bitter truth, Junge steps back. Aditya is again left all alone.

Once aditya was wandering around, he accidentally walks. to Sonam tashi who was expelled out of college because of Aditya. Seeing Aditya again, Sonam Tashi fights with Aditya and gets his head broken.With remorse, he submits the sex video to warden. Pissed off warden searches the possible way to take revenge. He himself hides drug in the wardrobe and accuses Aditya. His friends come defending but Warthful warden beat Junge on his head. Aditya in defense also beat warden and proves he also knows whats friendship is like.

Atlast Aditya confesses all his wrong does.He asks for the suspension and at last, gets suspended with a new hope and feeling in life.

Talking about strengths , Hostel is watch worthy film .Though the story line is quite usual and casual , the presentation of the film is just woww !! ..The direction debenture of Hemraj BC introduced a fine director in Nepalese film industry .The film marked debut of Anmol K.C  , a very popular actor of Nepal right now !!..The music , acting is just perfect !! ..The fight scene in the movie was natural unlike those fight scene of typical nepali movie with dhisum dhisum ..The film is natural and people can relate the movie with their life

Talking about weakness , The story line is too typical .The movie is male- based .The male lead and female lead rarely talk to each other after being intimate .Yet , Shristi says they two are dating. The scene where Anmol’s mother take him out is out of acting .

Overall , It is watch worthy film.Have you watched it yet ?

no ? is the link !!!..Thank me later 😛







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