Shakuntala trailer out , Rajesh Hamal as feminist !

The most awaited movie Shakuntala has released its Trailer . The film  was in spotlight after role of Rajesh Hamal as female was leaked amongst public .The trailer is full of dhisoom dhisoom ,as Rajesh Hamal seems to be playing as a feminist .The trailer features another actor Kishor Khatiwada in power pack role .

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Rajesh hamal dance in Teej Song

The popular actor of Nepal Rajesh Hamal is portraying a female character in his upcoming film “Shakuntala ” .The look and character of Rajesh Hamal  created a buzz in the market .Rajesh Hamal , in red sari with red bindi was lot more attention seeking.

Recently , a new song from the movie has been released .On occasion of the greatest festival of Hindu women , Teej , a teej song titled “Kasti Bhaye Ma ” was released. The song was typical teej song but what grabbed attention of the viewers was Rajesh hamal , decorated in Red sari , tilhari and red bindi dancing in the song .

rajesh hamal dancing
Rajesh Hamal dancing in Teej Song

The movie ” Shakuntala ” is directed by Dinesh Shrestha . The movie features  Kishor Khatiwada, Rabindra Basnet, Smreeti Shrestha, Anu Shah, Rabi Giri, Pradeep Dhakal, Rajkumar Thapa, Shivan Shrestha, Sashank Basyal in lead roles . The film is releasing on Bhadra 9 .

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Hostel Review

hostelFlim :- Gajaluu

Cast :- Anmol K.C , Prakriti Shrestha , Gaurav Pahari , Salon Basnet ,  Rista Basnet etc

Director :- Hemraj BC.

Writer :-Hemraj BC

Genre :- Romance , comedy

Ratings :- 3/5


Hostel is 2013 romantic comedy film by Hemraj BC .The film was made under Durgish Banner and produced by Sunil Rawal , who is known for his work in Saayad . Hemraj BC marked his debut in direction through this film .The film stars new faces  Anmol K.C , Gaurav Pahadi, Salon Basnet, Rista Basnet and Prakriti Shrestha in lead roles.The film  features love, betrayal, friendship,emotions, family ties etc

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Jerryy , movie review

jerry nepali movie

Film :- Jerryy

Cast :- Anmol K.C , Anna Sharma,

Director :- Hemraj BC.

Writer :-Hemraj BC , Samrat Prasad Gauchan

Genre :- Romance , comedy

Ratings :- 3/5


Jerryy is 2014 love story directed by Hemraj BC.The film features Anmol K.C and  Anna Sharma in lead roles .The film is produced by Manoj Sherchan. The film is about Jaiveer Rana , who changes in one trip , and falls in love .

Jaiveer Rana (Anmol K.C) , known as Jerryy is playboy .He has no concern with feelings and love . Spoiled rich brat , Jerryy loves hanging around with friends and playing around girls .Jerrry goes out to Pokhara where he meets Puggy ,his childhood friend and then further plans to go to Mustang .There his life changes as he falls in love with Akanshya (Anna Sharma ) .Jerry starts having relation with Akanshya .He starts having problem with Asthma . Akanshya feels ignored and start doubting on Jerryy. But condition of Jerry gets worser .He doesn’t tell Akanshya about his condition . Jerry suffers from dilated cardiomyopathy that leads him to death

Talking about strength , Jerryy is fine example of new era nepali film.The presentation , cinematography , dialogues and story is amazing !!!.The song is beautiful !!!.Background music is beautiful .Most importantly , Anmol kc and Anna Sharma has complimented each other and introduced cute reel couple.


Talking about weakness, the story is typical .Also acting of Jerry’s mother and group of girls is worst ! Rather more , Jerry falls for Akashya too quickly.It seems as the story is rushing .So there should have been some more scenes between fights to love .

Its a worth -watching . Go for it !!!


November Rain , The review


FLIM :-  November rain

CAST :-  Namrata shrestha , Aryan sigdel , Chhulthim Gurung

GENRE :-  Romance , Tragedy

DIRECTOR :- Dinesh Raut

WRITER :-  Chhetan Gurung


November rain is 2014 romance yet tragedy film  by Dinesh Raut.The film features Namrata Shrestha , Aryan Sigdel and Chhulthim Gurung in lead roles and Keshav Bhattari, Shishir Rana in supporting roles. The film is written by Chhetan Gurung . The film depicts story of three people and contrast their story with unusual rain in November that changes their life.

Aayush is heart patient who lives in Dharan . After death of her mother , he finds that his mother isnot her real mother and that he had been adopted by her from Kathmandu . In search of his real parents , he travels all the way to Kathmandu where he meets  Sheetal (Namrata Shrestha ).Aayush shares special bond with Sheetal , that whenever he approaches to Sheetal , feels as if something lost for years has been found .Unknown of their history , Both Aayush and Sheetal start falling for each other .But once curtains of the history unveils that, In 1982  Dr. Sharma had  illegally swapped  heart of his daughter, Sheetal who was heart patient by birth with Aayush  , born the same day , to fulfill his wife’s last wish . Known to bitter history and truth that he  has few days left for survival , Aayush start ignoring Sheetal in best possible way.

Dalli , onesided lover of Aayush also travels to Kathmandu and assist Aayush in helping his real parents who were living in hard times and were in debt. Helping his parents from financial difficulty he figures out that he approaching towards death .Sheetal , who couldnot get rid of her feelings later figures out the truth and reason for Aayush ignoring her . But, by then Aayush was breathing his last breath .The death of Aayush leaves huge pain for both Aayush and Dalli and whenever it rains, both get lost to raindrops in memory of their beloved , Aayush .

Talking about strenghths , The story is amazingly portrayed with restrospective story plot adding suspense to the film . The acting of leads are natural .The role of Dalli (Chhulthim Gurung ) was publically acclaimed and the chemistry of Namrata and Aaryan is beyond perfect. Dialogues , Cinematography , Music has given  justice to film .The film is sad love story and  would shed tears to the viewers.

Talking about weakness , Story plot is very slow upto first half .First half is seriously boring but with entry of Dalli and retrospective story plot makes  the film interesting then after . The film has brought new story plot but the story plot is hypothetical rather reality based .The story sets back to 1982 , November 25 when the heart transplantation was done in the story but world’s first pediatric heart transplant was done on December 6, 1967,there is no way Nepal could adopt heart transplantation procedure that early .The writer has ignored scientific database. Normally, a heart transplanted patient lives for 15 days .As exception, Tony Huesman was the world’s longest living heart transplant recipient, having survived for 30 years but in the story , Aayush is 32 year old .He has set a new record .Medically , after heart transplantation , Sheetal’s life also should be in danger but the story hasnot spoke about this .

In conclusion , Blend of Emotions , Romance and  Medical Science , November rain is watch-worthy film .

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Get yourself some tissue papers to enjoy journey of emotions !

Gajalu review


Flim :- Gajaluu

Cast :- Anmol K.C , Shristi Shrestha , Gaurav Pahari , Salon Basnet , Menuka Pradhan etc

Director :- Hemraj BC.

Writer :-Hemraj BC

Genre :- Romance , social satire , comedy

Ratings :- 4/5


Gajalu is 2016 love story written and directed by Hemraj BC. The film features Anmol K.C  and Shristi Shrestha in lead roles whereas Gaurav Pahari , Salon Basnet , Menuka Pradhan , Gauri Malla , Krishna Malla , Bishow Basnet , Ritik Shahi in supporting roles.The film is produced by Rohit Aadhikari / Hem Raj BC .The flim features love story of kumari .

Sujata Shakya (Shristi Shrestha)  is ex-kumari who is bounded by many restrictions by her father and stepmother. Sujata aspires to be teacher but his father dislike her interacting with many people. Aarav (Anmol K.C ) is aspiring director. Life of both Sujata and Aarav changes after they meet .They both fall in love with each other .But with the misbelief that husbands of kumari die , their lovestory gets cornered .

The film Gajalu tells freedom story of ex-kumari ,who ,in reality ,are still bounded in restrictions.The story also feature love story of Prakriti (Menuka Pradhan) and Rajiv (Gaurav Pahadi) as extra supplement . Jayson (Salon Basnet) and Lakshya (Ritik Shahi) are humourous character of the film.

Talking about strength, Hemraj B.C has managed to give realistic touch to this film.There is no fights , no villains ..the story plot moves smoothly but in a retrospective way.The first half is all about retrospective plots and second half reveals suspense of the film .The film plot is directed naturally and acting of the character has justified . Acting of Menuka , Gaurav , Salon and new comer , Ritik is natural. Anmol has improved a lot and Shristi too has justified her role.The film is overall watch-worthy. The cinematography , music , dialogues are perfect .

But there are still some weakness in the film ,Anmol has played same character he used to play in other movies .I dont know how Anmol manages to be rich in every film . Menuka pradhan plays role of Anmol K.C sibling but she doesnt match being sibling of Anmol .Yet, she has justified her role.Another drawback in the film is that the story plot isnot as strong as viewers expected from trailer.

Overall, Gajalu is awesome movie to watch and enjoy ! The film is perfect blend of romance, emotions ,suspense and social satire.

Watch trailer of Gajalu here !

Luv sab review


Film name :- Luv Sab

Cast:-Samyam Puri, Salon Basnet,Karishma Shrestha, Shisir Bhandari

Director:-Dev Kumar Shrestha

Writer:- Samten Bhutia

Genre :- Romance , Comedy



Luv Sab is 2015 romantic comedy film directed by Dev Kumar Shrestha. The film stars Samyam Puri, Salon Basnet, Karishma Shrestha, Shisir Bhandari in lead roles.The film is produced by Sushil Kumar Pokharel and written by Samten Bhutia. The story revolves around three closest friend whose life changes due to entry of a girl in their life.

Traffic (Samyam Puri ) is , orphan , deaf and dumb , who lives in Pati . Chandan (Salon Basnet ) is punk who gets himself in gang fights . Bhola ( Shisir Bhandari) is shoemaker .These three characters of the film , who are different from each other in status , caste and ethnicity shares common bond of friendship.But their life totally changes after Alishma (Karishma Shrestha) enters their life .Alishma , a very beautiful girl who lives in her maternal uncle house after death of her mother is unaware of love and attention given by Traffic .Traffic is madly in love with Alishma . Seeing Traffic madly in love with her , Bhola tries to convince Traffic not to fall for her as they do not match each other. To the fact , Traffic is poor , deaf and dumb ,their love story is impossible. The situation complicates when Chandan too falls for her.

Traffic couldnot face the reality that he is poor , orphan , deaf and dumb. He was madly in love with Karishma and wanted her so bad that he  thinks of robbing ATM as he sees people carrying bundle of notes when coming out from there. On this , he get caught by Guard .Unintentionally , Traffic pushes Guards towards a car and Guard gets seriously injured. After this incident , Traffic realizes that what he was dreaming couldnot be fulfilled. Their life gets emotional turn as Traffic is followed by Police.

Talking about strength, Film is very realistic .It has portrayed life of Kathmandu .The characters have given  different taste to the film .Bhola belongs to Madhesi , Alishma belongs to Newar and Traffic and Chandan are portrayed as Pahadis. The film is full  entertainer and has portrayed  emotional and humorous plot perfectly . Acting of leads are natural esp. Samyam Puri has done great job .The role of Alishma’s maternal uncle is entertaining.Dialogues are awesome !!! Cinematography is awesome !! Luv sab is perfect blend of drama , love , emotions and sense of humor .The way , story unfolds life story of Traffic through his dream is commendable. The scene where Traffic tries to feel music  is heartbreaking and how can I forget , the scene of traffic and his lost uncle .The film is full of emotions and everyone in film  has justified their role .

Talking about weakness , At first Traffic’s sound is quite irritating . Fights in the film are quite unnatural . Also , at last scene , Bullet fire isn’t necessary and it feels as if writer is trying to be more dramatic .

Overall, Film is awesome !!!! Its definitely one of best film in 2015 .

Have you watched Luv sab yet ? No ? Go for it !!!!

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