Pradeep Khadka

pradeep khadka

Name :–  Pradeep Khadka

Date of birth:- 10th March, 1992

Birthplace :- Kusunti, Lalitpur

Height :- N/A

Star sign :- Pisces

Occupation :- Model ,actor

Debut :- Escape

Parents :-  Tek Bahadur Khadka and  Saradha Khadka

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Salon Basnet



Name :- Salon Basnet

Date of birth :- 1st January

Birthplace:-Thankot, Kathmandu

Parents :- Shovit Basnet and Mina Basnet

Debut movie:- Hostel





Best known for his role as ‘Junge’ in Hostel and ‘ Jayason‘ in Gajalu , Salon Basnet is  one of popular actor of the industry. Salon is son of popular film director Shovit Basnet. Before debuting from Hostel , Salon was featured in the film of his father when he was just 6-7 months !! He then played as child artist in the film”Nepali Babu” at the age of 8.


13339474_1015336921895809_116109776253050645_nSalon Basnet was born to Shovit  and Mina Basnet .He was born in Thankot .Salon  is close to his grandmother

He finished his schooling from Bright Future Secondary School. He loved dancing . He had participated in a dance program in Sabha Ghriha along with his father .He says his first earning was 11 thousand which he earned at the age of 5 years !

He studied +2 in Capital College. He was vocalist and bassist in a college band .He says he was punk that time. He studied BBA in National Account College , Sanepa.

He wanted to study abroad but the appreciation of viewers lead him to change his thoughts and stick into Nepalese Movies Industry.

Salon is rumored to be in relationship with Karishma Shrestha but they regard themselves as only best friend.


  1. Hostel (2013)
  2. Luv Sub (2015)
  3. Aavash (2015)
  4. Eauta Sathi (2014)
  5. Aadha Page (2015)
  6. Gajalu (2016)

Ayushman Desraj Joshi



Name :– Ayushman Desraj Joshi

Height:– 6 ft 1 inch

Date of birth:- 1993

Birthplace :-Kathmandu

Star sign :- Sagittarian

Occupation :- Model , VJ , Actor

Achievements :- Face of House of fashion 2016

Parents :– Raveena Desaraj Joshi , Bhaven M Joshi


Ayushman Desraj Joshi is VJ , model and debuting actor .Best known as VJ in Kantipur gold in the show Global Beats and HollyBollywood , Ayushman already has lots of female fan following . With hollywood looks , this guy is heartthrobe for all the girls.Now that he is debuting with Chapali Height 2 opposite his own girlfriend Paramita Rana and Ke ma timro hoina ra debut actress Mariska Pokharel , He is expected to be next king of kollywood .




Ayushman was born in Kathmandu .He did his schooling from Rato Bangala School. Ayushman loves singing and has covered some songs .He has also covered a song Maya ta mayai ho along with Priyanka Karki

Ayushman is in relationship with Paramita Rana who will be playing opposite him in his debut film Chapali Height 2. This open relationship has certainly broke hearts of many girls fan out there.







Ayushman started his media career through VJing .He also did some modelling projects and photo shoots .

He participated for Face of House of fashion and won the show

He is starting his acting career through Chapali height 2 and love instantly .Love instantly is Nepal’s first ever web series brought by Polaroid Nepal and dlifestyles.








  1. Chapali Height 2
  2. Love instantly

Nazir Hussain




Name:- Nazir Hussain

Date of birth :- September 7

Birthplace:– Simara

Debut movie :- Punte parade



Nazir hussain is one of talented yet promising actor of Nepal. Debuted from short role in Punte Parade , Nazir is best known for his role as Rameshwor in Hostel Returns. Nazir is theater artist of Mandala Theater .His acting in Hostel Returns is highly appreciated by aundience and critics.


Najir was born in September 7 in Simara ,Nepal . Nazir was very shy and at the same time very naughty boy . He was mamas boy .He came to Kathmandu to learn dancing and to persue further studies .He is currently studying Bachelors in Sociology and literature .He is passionate dancer and writer. His father is also a writer. Najir is also contemporary belly dancer.


Nazir was trainee at Mandala theater.He has acted in more than 20 dramas . His first drama was ‘Charandas Chur”.

He got ticket to Nepalese Film Industry through short role in “Punte Parade” .But a diamond shines from the corner, this jewel got big break in Hostel Returns as lead actor .With role of Rameshwor / Pandit G , Najir received lots of appreciation from the viewers.After Hostel Returns , Rameshwor was binded to movies like Junge and Bir bikram. Nazirs film”Gaatho”is going to release soon.


  1. Punte Parade
  2. Hostel Returns
  3. Junge
  4. Bir Bikram
  5. Gaatho

Aakash Shrestha

aakash shrestha


Name :- Aakash Shrestha

Date of birth :- Nov 5 ,1991

Birthplace:- Tulsipur , Dang

Occupation :- Model , Actor

Debut movie :- Ma ta timrooi hoon




Aakash Shrestha is professional model and brand ambassador of House of Fashion. Debuting from the movie Ma ta timrooi hoon  opposite Jyotsna Yogi , Aakash is all set to rule the film industry.


aakash in childhood
Aakash in childhood

Aakash Shrestha was born in Nov 5 ,1991 in Tulsipur , Dang . He did his schooling from Rapti Vidya Mandir , completed his +2 from Little angels college and  completed his bachelors  from Thames international college in Kathmandu .He currently lives in Kathmandu.

Aakash is brand ambassador to house of fashion .He has walked for many ramp shows , acted for commercials and featured in few music videos .Aakash is now all set to debut to film line through Ma ta timrooi hoon.





  1. Sahara –Uges Limbu

  2. Angalana  – Uges Limbu




  1. Ma ta timrooi hoon


karma shakya


Name :- Karma

Other name :- Mahesh Shakya

Date of birth :- N/A

Birthplace :- Kathmandu

Debut :- Sano Sansaar



Karma aka Mahesh Shakya is one of promising actor of Nepalese film industry. Best known for his role in Sano Sansaar , loot and lukamari , Karma is one of underrated artist of the industry .Rising star from theater , Karma prefers theater over Films .


Karma was born in Kathmandu. When Karma was one and a half years old, His  father left for United Sates. After that Karma spend most of his time at a hostel. Whenever he had holidays, which are rare in a residential school, he used to live in his mama ghar with his mom. He  also used to spend a considerable amount of time with my beloved mama. He was a very shy kid. Karma studied in St. Xaviers School and went to Pune to persue his higher studies.

Karma was always passionate actor.Having known his interest in theatre, father of St.Xaviers urged him to join Gurukul. He had heard of Naseeruddin Shah performing in the institute when he was in Pune, and he thought that was impressive. His father and he payed a visit to Gurukul and their performance of a play called Baal Bhairav blewed him away. He then started  his acting career.

He says once he came across a newspaper clipping of Quest Entertainment that said they were looking for actors and it brought a lot of excitement all over Gurukul. It was a tedious process of sending CVs, photographs from different profiles and their likes, but since he was planning to go abroad, he thought he’d give it a shot.

After applying, he  was called for the first round of selection .He was selected as main lead.And he got breakthrough from his debut movie Sano Sansar. He then played many movies .Karma is one of the actor who brings variation in the movies.


  1. Sano Sansaar (2008)
  2. First Love (2013)
  3. Mriga trishna
  4. Adhyaya (2011)
  5. Visa girl (2012)
  6. Suntali (2014)
  7. Ek din ek raat
  8. Patachara ( Newari film)
  9. Loot (2012)
  10. Resham filili (2015)
  11. Lukamari (2016)