Kabbadi Kabbadi , movie review

kabaddi kabaddi

Film name :– Kabbadi Kabbadi

Cast :- Dayahang Rai , Rishma Gurung, Saugat Malla etc

Genre :- Romantic, Comedy , Social

Director :- Ram Babu Gurung

Writer :- Ram Babu Gurung and Upendra Subba

Rating :- ****  

Kabbadi Kabbadi is romantic ,social, comedy film by  Ram Babu Gurung. The film stars Saugat Malla, Rishma Gurung and Saugat Malla in lead roles and  Bijay Baral, Buddhi Tamang, Maotse Gurung, Upendra Subba, Shisheer Bangdel, Pushkar Gurung,  in supporting role .Apart from that, Priyanka Karki and Nischal Basnet can be seen in cameo. The film is sequel to 2014 hit film Kabbadi. The film is directed by Ram Babu Gurung and produced by Raunak Bikram Kandel and Sunil Chand Rauniyar.

Being sequel of Kabbadi, the story of kabbadi kabbadi continues from the story of Kabbadi . Bir Kaji (Dayahang Rai) is still trying to impress her maternal cousin Maiya (Rishma Gurung). But as a challenger to Bir Kaji, Bom Kaji enters Naurikot village  from Kathmandu in search of  The village is being decorated and prepared for the elections . Bom kajis father , lal kaji sherchan and Maiyas father, Ambir Gauchan are rivalry in the elections. Bir Kaji who was initially supporting  Bom Kajis father later switches to Maiya”s father as he lures him  to give her daughter maiya to him if  he wins the election. Bom kaji’s father holds prestige and reputation in  village  and to win over him, Maiya’s father uses his power and money .

The story unveils the real winner of Maiyas heart at last. Apart from two kajis lovestory with Maiya , the lovestory that strikes between Nirjala (Junu bista ) and Bir kajis friend (Bijay Baral) and husband wife relation of Chhantyal (Buddhi tamang , known for his hait dialogue)  adds extra supplement to the movie .The story shows human behaviour and its relation to the society. It has beautifully presented the nature of humans inorder to cope with personal and social demands and acceptance.

Talking about strenghths, the thing that strengthens the movie is cinematography . Shooted in lap of beautiful himalaya , Mustang , the movie has showed typical nepali lifestyle. The contrast difference between lifestyle of village and city can be clearly seen in the flim when the story plot moves from Naurikot village to 400 km far from village to kathmandu .The cinematography is beyond perfection. Acting is natural .The music is captivating and melodious. The song “Maya ka Badal” has managed to cope with the emotional scene at the end of the movie.

Also the emotional scene of Chhnantyal and his wife attaches audiences emotionally .The story plot and screenplay is smooth with some retrospective scenes. Overall, Kabbadi kabbadi is perfect blend of emotions, comedy, romance and social satire.

But nothing is perfect in the world. Even our earth is not perfectly round. So digging upon some weakness in the movie which was tough task to do. The role of Maiya lacks much screen presence. Being lead actress of movie, Director should have given her some more role in the flim. Also, the role of maiya is same as Kabbadi , unmatured and still waiting for a guy from Kathmandu to leap with. Also , most of the audience couldnot digest the fact that Bir Kaji was still left alone even after so many attempts to win over Maiya’s heart. However the cameo role of Priyanka Karki and Nischal Basnet points toward another sequel of Kabbadi Kabbadi .

In conclusion, Kabbadi Kabbadi is perfect example of typical Nepali film, reality based film that has managed to connect with the reality . It is perfect blend of comedy , emotions and romance . Kabbadi Kabbadi indeed is a watch-must flim .

If you guys have not watched Kabbadi Kabbadi. Here is link of full movie !!

Spare your time for two hours, I bet you wont regret but if you don’t you surely gonna regret it !


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