Swastima Khadka




Name :– Swastima Khadka

Height:– 5ft 4 inch

Date of birth:- July 4, 1995

Birthplace :- Kathmandu, Nepal

Occupation :- Actress, Model

Debut :- Hostel Returns





Swastima Khadka is Nepali actress who debuted from Hostel Returns . Swastima is known for her bubbly personality and beautiful face . Swastima is wife of famous director , Nischal Basnet .


Swastima was born in  July 4, 1995 in Kathmandu . She did her schooling from Sainik Awasiya Mahavidhyalaya in Bhaktapur and is studying I.E  in Thapathali engineering campus .Swastima had participated in Miss teen where she was able to make it upto finale

Swastima debuted the industry with the music video Baby kuchi kuchi , honey bunny part 2. She was then featured in various music videos . With one or two videos , Swastima was offered a role in Hostel Returns .She has not done any movies after her debut .She is busy doing music videos and says she hasn’t thought of doing any films yet.



Swastima says her first crush was actor Dhiren Shakya .

Swastima met Nischal in formal functions and used to talk formally with each other .They had professional relationship which slowly turned to personal relationship .Both started liking each other . They never confessed their feeling to the fact they both knew they both like each other . Finally , they approached each other .They thought they should marry .Their family had equal hand on this .

They got engaged  on 14th December 2015. and finally tied their knot in 17th February 2016.

swastima and nischal marriage

There is a huge age gap between  Swastima and Nischal.  Swastima is only 20 years old, whereas  Nischal has already turned 34 years. The age gap in between Swastima Khadka and Nischal Basnet turns out to be 14 years.But Swastima says she have no problem with the age gap as long as they both love and trust each other.




  1. Maya Baiguni – Raju Lama

  2. Honey Bunny Part 2 : Baby Kuchi Kuchi

  3. Jaba Timi Thiyeu – Himal Sagar

  4. Timrai Saathma- Sunil giri

  5. Palbharko Haina Mero – Yushaf Lama



  1. Hostel Returns

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