Gauri Malla and Anoj Shakya Scandal Case

In last post , we had mention about Gauri Malla sexually assaulted in Japan by assaulter who belongs to  Shakya clan. Now the assaulter has himself revealed his identity as Anoj Shakya . Anoj Shakya has shared his photo with Gauri Malla in his Facebook page .He claims the news is not true and authentic .He says only one side of story was heard for this news to be published and ask to punish the editor of Online khabar for this news .

gauri malla japan scandal Anoj Shakya has shared his photos with Gauri Malla and has said reporters to add these photos in their news report .He has also said  to help him by circulating this news worldwide .He further says Gauri Malla is characterless actress who came to sleep with him though he already had a husband .Wait…Isn’t Gauri Malla divorced ???

The case is getting more complicated .With Anoj Shakya ‘s statements and photos , there is no reaction from Gauri Malla .

The case is hotcake in the media and matter of gossips in social medias .There has arose many question regarding Gauri Malla ‘s character and Anoj Malla’s initiative to be popular .The truth is yet to be revealed .


Gauri Malla sexually assaulted in Japan

The legendary actress , Gauri Malla has recently acclaimed that she was sexually assaulted by a japan -residential Nepali man in Japan . Gauri Malla did not want to reveal the identity of assaulter but she says he is local resident of Bhaisipati , Patan and belongs to Shakya clan.

gauri malla

According to sources ,  She was contacted by the assaulter to come Japan and pursue further acting career as there is no scope in Nepal . Assuring that he has well known contact with filmy people , The assaulter had send Gauri Mall 3 lakh rupees for the japan visit .Gauri Malla says she was tempted to offer of a Eco -spray for air filter commercial and had fled to Japan in March .

But when she got there, she was sexually assaulted .Gauri Malla has filed case against that assaulter for  sexual assault , molestation , loss of time and economic loss in Nepalese ambassador in Japan .The case is still under study .The official says they will take immediate action . On the other hand , assaulter acclaims he has nothing to do with this news and the case .


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Gauri Malla

gauri malla


Name :- Gauri Malla

Date of birth :- N/A

Birthplace :- Kathmandu, Nepa

Occupation :- Actress

Debut movie:- Santan






Gauri Malla is one of the versatile lady in Nepali film industry. Acted in numerous films and awarded with various awards till date , Gauri Malla is one of evergreen actress in Nepal. Though her generation of actors have either died or has left acting career , Gauri malla is still acting in movies with same enthusiasm and energy . Gauri is yet so young , beautiful and bubbly.


gauri-malla-2Gauri Malla is one of the evergreen actress of Nepal.Gauri has acted in numerous films like Santan , Kanyadan,Lobhipapi,Pariwar , Tapashya etc.

Gauri Malla  portrayed herself as first Nepali prime minister in 13 episode Tele-serial “Singha Durbar “. The serial was political drama. Gauri Malla had fully justified her role .Apart from that , Gauri Malla was seen as mother of Anmol K.C. in Gajalu . She is also acting in Blind rocks , a biopic of Shristi K.C.


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  1. Singha Durbar (2015)


1. 2041-50: Best Actress Award for Kanyadan
2. 2003: Best Supporting Actress for Mama Ghar by Hits (FM) Nepal Pvt. Ltd.,
3. 1999: Best Actress Award by Film Artists Association of Nepal, Kathmandu
4. 2002: Best Actress Award by Film Artists Association of Nepal, Kathmandu
5. 2002: Special Honor Award by former Queen Komal Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah,
6. 20: Golden Jubilee Medal conferred by HM King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev,
7. 1988: Best Actress Award for Shradda telefilm
8. 2061 B.S. Chalchitra Abhinaya Ratna Padak by Film Artists Association of Nepal,
9. 2052: Best Actress Award for Nata
10.2052 B.S.: Rashtriya Gaurab Yuba Samman by Rashtriya Gaurab Yuba Samman
Samiti on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee celebration of Gaddi Arohan of King
11. 2056 B.S.: Abhinandan by Sagarmatha Sahitya Kala Pratisthan, Kathmandu
12. 2056 B.S.: Commendation Award by the Crown Price Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah
Dev, organized by Film Artists Association of Nepal, Kathmandu
13. 2056: Trophy honoring 100 Days celebration of Basanti film by New Century
Films, Kathmandu
14. 2060: Best Character Actress Award for Mama Ghar
15. 2004: Best Actress National Award by Film Development Corporation
16. 2010: Guest of Honor by US Nepal Media Center