Nepali actress with uncommon name and their meaning


Keki is  unique name .Do you know meaning of Keki ??..

Keki is sanskrit word which means Peacock !!


Mariska is a unique name aswell .Mariska POkharel , who debuted from Ke ma timro hoina ra is one of promising actress ,Had lived in Japan , most of people think Mariska is a japanese word .But it isnot .

So whats mariska ??..Mariska is a hebrew word which means Mermaid

jyotsna yogi


Jyotsna yogi is well known model and actress who debuted from Ma ta timroi hoon .Jyotsna too have uncommon name .Most of us donot know the meaning of this name ..Do we ??

So let me reveal the meaning of Jyotsna, Jyotsna is a sanskrit word which means moonlight.

paramita rl rana

Paramita Rana is well known actress and model who debuted from Chapali height 2 .Paramita , more detailly Paramita Rajya Laxmi Rana , is a uncommon name .

Paramita is derived from Buddhism , which means  perfection or culmination of certain virtues. In Buddhism, these virtues are cultivated as a way of purification, purifying karma and helping the aspirant to live an unobstructed life, while reaching the goal of enlightenment.

  • Akesha bista


Akesha is rare name aswell . And the meaning is more rare. Akesha , to be precise isnot a name but short form . Yes , It might sound crazy but to accuracy of what I found , The full form of Akesha is :-

Adept Kind Eccentric Self-Disciplined Hard working Affectionate


Or maybe the name emerged out of Akasha which is a hindi word that means open air , space.


So ,  Anna or Aana isnot uncommon name .But real name of Anna Sharma is Annapurna Sharma  which is quite uncommon to be heard of . We nepalese know Annapurna is  a name of mountain .Yeaahh it is a Name of Mountain , a name ! So whats its meaning ?

Well , Annapurna is a sanskrit word which means Goddess of bread ! It means Bestower of food in great quantity .


Samragyee , dream girl !! Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah  is a popular actress who debuted from Dreams .So what is meaning of Samragyee ?

Samragyee is sanskrit word that means girl in power  , Empress or queen .She definately is approaching as Queen in the industry , The Kollywood Queen !!



Chapali Height 2 trailer released

Finaally the wait is over !!!..The most awaited film of 2016 , Chapali Height 2 has officially released its trailer and the trailer looks promising !! Chapali Height 2 stars Ayushman Desraj Joshi , Paramita Rana and Mariska Pokharel in lead roles . The film is directed by Dipendra K Khanal, director of Chapali Height . The film is produced by Arjun Kumar .


Chapali height 2 is romantic thriller !!  and it does thrill you !!

Can’t wait for this film !!

Chapali height 2 teaser released

The most awaited film Chapali height 2 , which is sequel to 2012 thriller blockbuster Chapali height has recently released its teaser in youtube .The film is said to be romantic thriller. The film stars Ayushman Desraj Joshi , Paramita Rana  and Marishka Pokharel in lead roles .The film is directed by Dpendra K Khanal who is also the director of previous Binita baral starrer film Chapali Height . The film is produced by Arjun Kumar

Watch teaser of Chapali Height here !

Mariska Pokharel



Name :- Mariska Mary Pokharel

Date of birth :- Falgun 20

Birthplace:- Chitwan

Height :- 5 ft. 6 inch

Debut movie :- Ke ma timro hoina ra



Mariska Mary Pokharel is new debut actress from “Ke ma timro hoina ra  “. Model-turned actress , Mariska lives in Japan .She stepped to acting field after being selected in aundition for short role in bollywood film “Yaara ”


10353639_10203304735968115_3827725346580589109_nMarishka was born in Falgun 20 in Chitwan .She completed her +2 in Nepal and then fleed to Japan to persue further studies.There in Japan , she teaches art to japanese kids .

Marishka stepped into modeling field by participating in Blenders pride fashion show 2014 .She was also contestant to Classic Diamond Jewellers . She , then had various photoshoots and walked on rampshows. Mariska also acted to some music videos starting with swaroop ra Acharya ‘s Aaja manma mero.

She debuted Nepalese film industry through “Ke ma timro hoina ra ” and her next film Chapali height 2 is lined up for the release.



  1. Ekai Chin Ta – Niroj Lama
  2. Pareli – Niroj Lama ft. Akanshya Basyal
  3. Aaja voli – BP Wagle

etc …



  1. Ke ma timro hoina ra (2016)
  2. Chapali height 2 (2016)