Gajalu review


Flim :- Gajaluu

Cast :- Anmol K.C , Shristi Shrestha , Gaurav Pahari , Salon Basnet , Menuka Pradhan etc

Director :- Hemraj BC.

Writer :-Hemraj BC

Genre :- Romance , social satire , comedy

Ratings :- 4/5


Gajalu is 2016 love story written and directed by Hemraj BC. The film features Anmol K.C  and Shristi Shrestha in lead roles whereas Gaurav Pahari , Salon Basnet , Menuka Pradhan , Gauri Malla , Krishna Malla , Bishow Basnet , Ritik Shahi in supporting roles.The film is produced by Rohit Aadhikari / Hem Raj BC .The flim features love story of kumari .

Sujata Shakya (Shristi Shrestha)  is ex-kumari who is bounded by many restrictions by her father and stepmother. Sujata aspires to be teacher but his father dislike her interacting with many people. Aarav (Anmol K.C ) is aspiring director. Life of both Sujata and Aarav changes after they meet .They both fall in love with each other .But with the misbelief that husbands of kumari die , their lovestory gets cornered .

The film Gajalu tells freedom story of ex-kumari ,who ,in reality ,are still bounded in restrictions.The story also feature love story of Prakriti (Menuka Pradhan) and Rajiv (Gaurav Pahadi) as extra supplement . Jayson (Salon Basnet) and Lakshya (Ritik Shahi) are humourous character of the film.

Talking about strength, Hemraj B.C has managed to give realistic touch to this film.There is no fights , no villains ..the story plot moves smoothly but in a retrospective way.The first half is all about retrospective plots and second half reveals suspense of the film .The film plot is directed naturally and acting of the character has justified . Acting of Menuka , Gaurav , Salon and new comer , Ritik is natural. Anmol has improved a lot and Shristi too has justified her role.The film is overall watch-worthy. The cinematography , music , dialogues are perfect .

But there are still some weakness in the film ,Anmol has played same character he used to play in other movies .I dont know how Anmol manages to be rich in every film . Menuka pradhan plays role of Anmol K.C sibling but she doesnt match being sibling of Anmol .Yet, she has justified her role.Another drawback in the film is that the story plot isnot as strong as viewers expected from trailer.

Overall, Gajalu is awesome movie to watch and enjoy ! The film is perfect blend of romance, emotions ,suspense and social satire.

Watch trailer of Gajalu here !


Anmol K.C



Name :-   Anmol K.C.

Date of birth :- March 30 1992

Height :- 6 Ft

Almamater:- Malpi International College

Parents :- Bhuwan K.C , Sushmita K.C






Anmol K.C is teenage sensation and rising star of nepalese film industry .This handsome hunk is son of evergreen actor Bhuwan K.C. Debuted from hostel , Anmol has given back to back hit films .This is reason why , demand of Anmol is high in market that has lead Anmol to be highest paid actor of the industry .

He entered the industry as producer in the film “Saathi ma timro” .His acting debut was from Hostel. His pairing with Anna Sharma in Jerryy and Samragyee RL Shah  in Dreams was widely appreciated amongst viewers.However , his pairing with Shristi Shrestha in Gajalu was highly criticized .

After Gajaluu, Anmol went on world vacation to Korea , US , Australia etc

Anmol is assigned for new movie “kri” where he was paid 20 lakhs for his role .Thus  making Anmol highest paid actor of all time.


13173245_484133235110544_4667292847824596978_oAnmol was born in March 30 , 1992. Anmol’s father and mother divorced when Anmol was small child .He then started living with his father but he used to meet his mother every weekend.Being sent at hostel in young age , Anmol K.C says he doesnot have many friends.He did his schooling in Shuva tara school and completed the study from Malpi International College.

Anmol loves coin collection , travelling around the world , spending time in orphanage and old age homes .Anmol has ultimate dream to widen and broaden scope of Nepalese film industry.


  1. Filmykhabar awards for  Best debut actor 
  2. Box office award for  Best new actor 
  3. INFA award for  Best debut actor 
  4. FAAN star of the year award


  1. Hostel (2013)
  2. Jerryy (2014)
  3. Dreams (2016)
  4. Gajaluu (2016)
  5. Kri (coming soon)

Shristi Shrestha


Name :- Shristi Shrestha

 Date of birth :- October 18, 1988

 Birthplace :-Narayangadh , Chitwan

 Height :- 5 ft 6 inch

Achievements :- Miss Nepal 2012

 Debut movie :- Gajalu





Shristi Shrestha is Miss Nepal 2012 .Debuted through  Gajalu in the industry , Shristi is one of beautiful yet talented actress in the industry.




Shristi was born in October 18, 1988 in Narayangadh , Chitwan.

She participated in Miss Nepal in 2012 and was able to grab Miss Nepal”title. She represented Nepal in Miss world 2012 where she was able to achieve 8th position in beach beauty and  top 10 in multimedia award and dances of world. She also won Public Choice title .She was able to reach quarter finale of Miss World ,thus being first Miss Nepal to reach that far in the competition .

Shrisi has also acted in unplugged version of Kabhi jo badaaal barshe thus marking her bollywood debut .This lead to compliments as well as criticisms

Shristi debuted to Nepalese film industry through Gajalu opposite Anmol K.C..




  1. Kabhi jo baadal barshe (Unplugged)

2. Sadhai Sadhai – Devika Bandana


  1. Gajalu