Samyam Puri



Name :- Samyam Puri

Date of birth :-March 28, 1993

Birthplace:- Kathmandu

Parents :- Narayan & Urmila Puri

Debut movie :- Saayad




Samyam puri is one of talented and promising actor of Nepal. Debuted from Saayad , Samyam has played in Punte parade, Aavash , Luv sab etc .Samayam brings variation in his roles and has justified his role till now. Samyam has worked in about 14 movies as child artist ,




Samyam was born in march 28 , 1993 .His father Narayan puri is popular director .Samyam used to visit film sets in his childhood .His personal life was too close with flim  line .Maybe thats why he intended to adopt flims as his professional life. Samyam has also co-directed a film “A for America ”

Samyam is in relationship with Ashma DC , a VJ turned actress who is also a co-star of Samyam in Aavas .




  1. Saayad (2012)
  2. Aavas (2014)
  3. Punte Parade (2014)
  4. Luv Sab (2015)