Summer love producers looking for Sayaa

Summer love , a Nepali novel written by Subin Bhattarai is one of popular and best selling novel .The novel features love story of two fictional characters : Atit and Saaya .

Now that an official announcement has been made to make a film based on the novel .The production team of the film are looking for the female lead , Sayaa.

Before  Samragyee RL Shah was to be casted as Saayaa but the production team wanted to feature new face and as Samragyee is busy with A mero hajur 2 , New face will be casted as the main female lead.



Interested candidate aged in between 18-25 years can apply for the role .They can contact on +610406835956 (Nepal ) or +9779851065720 (Nepal) . They can email their portfolio at info . The ones residing in Austraila  would be given more priority.

Bikash Raj Acharya’s Summer Love  will be directed by Muskan Dahal and produced by Dinesh Pokharel and Haribol Bhandari.


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