Chakka Panja ‘s new song is slaying repeat button !!!

Chhaka Panja , a comedy film by Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula is slaying the youtube right now with its beautiful and melodious songs .The film had released its first number ” Purwa Pakshim Rail ” which was a massive hit in Youtube .The video has already crossed 1 million views ..

With massive hit of Purwa Pakshim Rail , the film has released its second song ” Dekhana champa , sunana champa ” which is following the same path of previous song .The song is based on deura song , that sung in Far western Region of Nepal.

sunana champa


The song is sung by Krishna Kafle and Deepashree .The vocals are melodious and has perfectly matched the music .The music is captivating and relaxing at same time .The song features music of  Deepak Sharma and lyrics of  Shantipriya .They both have done marvellous job in the song !!!

Here , dive yourself in melodious tune of the song !!!



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