Freedom of expression : Gaja Baja stuck in FDB due to the word “Gaja “

Ganesh Dev Panday , a young aspiring director who has previously directed movies like “Manjari ” and “Malti ko Bhaati ” has recently  filed  case against Film Development Board in Supreme Court of Nepal demanding  fundamental rights of freedom of expression.



Pandey has recently finished shooting of his new film “Gaaja Baaja ” starring Barsha Siwakoti , Sushil Sitaula , Rabin Thapa , Anupam Sharma and Uddhav Bhattarai . But the Film Development Board  disagreed to register the name due to presence of word “Gaja” which means Marijuana which is illegal substance in Nepal . They have asked Pandey to change the name for the film to be registered ..

According to Ganesh Pandey ,  Gaja Baja is a story inspired from some reality of our society,narrated through two jobless carefree buddies from the same neighborhood, the story takes you through the journey of these boys hunting for weed and the obstacles they encounter, at the end movie sums up meaningfully with positive message to the society.

Pandey says ”  I am a responsible citizen of my country and am clearly aware about my social obligations, not only as an individual but also as a film maker too. I believe and respect our Constitution which allows the freedom of expression I question in a republican country of ours why I am not being allowed to name my creation as i deem fit without no any valid reason?  ”


The FDB should take rational decisions . Reality based films that gives positive message to the society should be encouraged .





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