Sushma Karki

susma karki

Name :– Sushma Karki

Height:– 5 ft 5 inch

Date of birth:- 14 February

Birthplace :-Bardiya, Nepal

Star sign :- Capricorn

Occupation :- Actress, Model

Debut :- Mero Euta Saathi Cha


Sushma Karki is model and actress who is best known for her item dance in “Udreko Choli ” .Debuted from Mero Euta Saathi chha , Sushma has done numerous of movies .


Sushma Karki entered to media as VJ in NTV . She was offered a small role in Mero euta sathi chha (2009) .His maternal uncle was producer of the film , so she was able to play a small role .But as her passion developed and her performance received positive comments , Sushma was featured in other movies as lead actress.

Sushma got a breakthrough in item song of Loot , “Udreko choli ” .She then started playing bold films like bouncer , bindass etc .She is also known as controversial actress .She is currently not assigned to any projects .Recent movie she was featured was Resham Filili in cameo .


Sushma Karki and director Sudarshan Thapa was in long term relationship .But they broke up . Sushma then was in relation with   Naren Shrestha, the lead vocalist of Anuprastha band. But their relationship didnot last long .Though Sushma and Naren were in  living together relationship ,  they broke up within one year. Despite end of their relationship , they started to run a restaurant in Thamel in partnership . But alike their relationship , their partnership didnot go well and they sold off the restaurant .

Rumors that  Naren beated  Sushma  in public were heard .  He had  interfered in roles offered to Sushma . Sushma admitted that Naren had “ruined her career“.  Right after the break up Sushma did hot photoshots and acted in a hot Teej song video. Sushma reportedly acted strange when she met her ex-boyfriend Sudarshan Thapa in a program.




  1. Meo Euta Saathi Cha
  2. K Yo Maya Ho
  3. Batch No. 16
  4. Mero Jiwan Sathi
  5. Loot
  6. Bouncer
  7. Nepathya
  8. Bindaas
  9. Bindaas 2
  10. Bouncer
  11. Sanjog
  12. Paap
  13. Sakash
  14. Chalechha Batas Sustari




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