Priyanka Karki

priyanka karki


Name :– Priyanka Karki

Height:– 5 Feet 6 Inch

Date of birth:-  February 27, 1987

Birthplace :- Jorpati , Kathmandu , Nepal

Occupation :- Model , actress

Achievements :- Miss teen Nepal 2005

Parents :–Bhupendra Karki , Raksha Malhotra, Karki

Debut :- Mero Best Friend






Priyanka Karki is one of gorgeous diva of the k-town .With hollywood standard looks , acting skills and good fashion sense , Priyanka is queen of kollywood .Debuted from Mero Best friend ( Production wise ) and 3 lovers (release wise ) , Priyanka has been featured in numerous films then after and bagged many nominations and awards


priyanka in miss teen 2005
Priyanka in miss teen 2005

Priyanka Karki was born in February 27, 1987 in Jorpati , Kathmandu . Her father is Bhupendra Karki and mother is Raksha Malhotra, Karki. She did her A levels from Rato Bangala School.In 2005 , at the age of 18 , She bagged Miss teen Nepal 2005 .That peagant was doorway to her modelling world .She then modelled and photoshooted for many fashion magazines .She was also featured in several music videos .

As acting debut , Priyanka Karki acted in a comedy tele-film called Gharbeti Ba on Kantipur Television .After working with Kantipur Television for two years, she flew to the United States to pursue bachelors degree in film making from The University of North Alabama. In 2007, she joined the Miss International UNA beauty pageant at her university, and was able to make it upto top 5. .

In May 2011,  she started filming for the first Bhutanese-Nepalese production called ‘Bhulne Po Ho Ki as female lead. After that , Karki came back to Nepal to continue her filmy career and start working in Mero bestfriend but due to some reason , the film didnot realeased marking 3 lovers as debut of Priyanka.

Priyanka , in short time , established herself as versatile actress . She was then featured in many other movies  among which Jholay , Nai navannu la 3 , How funny and Nai navannu la 4 was blockbusters .


Priyanka was passionate about singing from her childhood .She sang title song of her film “Aawaran ” with Yama Buddha .Her singing initiative resulted to many positive and negative feedback .Priyanka also covered some songs .

But as singing debut , Priyanka released her album “Swatantra ”



Priyanka karki married to her boyfriend Rochak Mainali in 2010 . She was in relationship with him back when she was in USA .They divorced in 2013 in mutual agreement .

Priyanka is recently rumored to be having something fishy with Dayahang Rai .



  1. Mero best friend
  2. 3 Lovers (2012)
  3. Kollywood (2013)
  4. Vigilante 3D (2013)
  5. Karkash (2013)
  6. Jholay (2014)
  7. Nai Nabhannu La 2 (2014)
  8. Aawaran (2014)
  9. Punte Parade (2014)
  10. Suntali (2015)
  11. Mala (2015)
  12. Nai na Bhannu la 3 (2015)
  13. Wada No. 6 (2015)
  14. Kabaddi Kabaddi (2015)
  15. Faanko (2015)
  16. Classic (2016)
  17. How Funny (2016)
  18. Nai na bhannu la 4 (2016)



  1. Online khabar filmy awards Popular Debut Actor (Female)  for 3 lovers
  2. Online FIlmykhabar Awards/OFA Popular awards Best Actor (Female) for Jholay
  3. NEFTA Best Supporting Actor (Female)  for Nai na Bhannu La 2
  4. INFA Best Supporting Actor (Female)  for Nai na Bhannu La 2
  5. INFA Popular awards Best Actor (Female) for Jholay
  6. D Cine Best Supporting Actor (Female)  for Nai na Bhannu La 2
  7. Fimykhabar Samman , Personality of the year (Female)
  8. FICSON Critics Choice awards , Best actor (female) for Suntali
  9. NFDC Best actor (female) for Suntali
  10. NEFTA Popular actor (female)
  11. D Cine  Best actor (female) for Suntali

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