Rajesh Hamal

rajesh hamalName :–  Rajesh Hamal

Height:– 6 feet 1 inch

Date of birth:- 9th June 1964

Birthplace :-Tansen, Palpa, Nepal

Star sign :- Gemini

Occupation :- Actor, TV Presenter, Social Worker

Achievements :- “Mahanayak” title

Parents :– Father Dr Chuda Bahadur Hamal and mother Renu KC Hamal

Debut :-  Yug Dekhi Yug Samma

Rajesh Hamal is legendary actor of Nepal . Known as Mahanayak , Rajesh Hamal has contributed in more than 200 films , with average of 10 films per year and has won more than 110 National awards . Debuted from Yug Dekhi Yug Samma , Hamal has acted for many decades and is still popular among Nepali audience .



Rajesh Hamal was born in 9th June 1964  in Tansen, Central Nepal in between Father ,Dr Chuda Bahadur Hamal and mother, Renu KC Hamal . He has three sisters and one brother .Rajesh Hamal had made a disabled woman from Khagendra Nava Jiwan Kendra named Maina Suchikar as his sister . He did his schooling at Bhanu bhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School up to class 8. Then studied his further studies in   Moscow, Russia with his father .His father  was Nepalese Ambassador to Russia. Rajesh Hamal finished his M.A in English literature from Chandigarh University , India.

In his college years,  He  modeled for Fashion Net, an Indian magazine in 1985 .He walked the ramp in Kathmandu and New Delhi in 1986.  Rajesh wanted to be actor but his family did not supported his decision .At that time , acting profession was regarded Lowery profession and Rajesh Hamal belonged to elite family .They wanted Hamal to pursue Doctor or engineering as career but Rajesh Hamal was passionate about acting and that’s how neglecting opposition of family , he marked debut in the film line .


Rajesh Hamal debuted  with  Yug Dekhi Yug Samma in 1988, a film made by his maternal uncle . His work was highly acclaimed and  Hamal received a National Film Award for “Best Actor Debut” in 1989 for this film .The opposition of family started fading away as Rajesh Hamal started shining in limelight . After debut , Rajesh Hamal was seen in many movies .He has done more than 200 movies so far.

Rajesh Hamal was seen in female role in Shakuntala .He was seen wearing sari, blouse and a huge bindi on forehead. Rajesh is being featured in a female’s role in the movie as the lead character of the female-oriented movie.

rajesh hamal female look
Rajesh Hamal in female getup for movie Shakuntala



Rajesh Hamal is married to model Madhu Bhattarai .Rajesh Hamal had noticed  Madhu  in Lux Beauty Star Contest in 2004. Rajesh was  a Jury.member and Madhu was a contestant. Madhu won first runner up in the event. Rajesh congratulated her and gave her his business card for any help .  Madhu contacted Rajesh Hamal a day before his birthday and Rajesh called her to his birthday party and that’s how their love sparkled .

rajesh hamal married

After 6 years long relationship , Hamal married Madhu in May of 2014 in secret event in Hotel Del Annapurna . They organized reception party at  Shankar Hotel with presence of well known politicians , ambassadors , actors etc .They flew to Pokhara for honeymoon .They do not have children  till now.

There was once big issue of Rajesh Hamal with a women who claimed hamal as father of her three children .This news spreaded widely and marked stain on Hamal ‘s character .Later this case was solved and proved wrong as the brother of woman proved that the woman was mentally ill and the children belonged to her own husband .

Rajesh Hamal was also rumored with Sushmita Karki in making of Mero jiwan sathi .




Rajesh Hamal has done more than 200 films .Here partial filmography of Hamal is enlisted :

  1. Yug Dekhi Yug Samma (1989)
  2. Deuta (1992)
  3. Kachehri (1992) – Punjabi film 
  4. Chatyang (1993)
  5. Prithvi (1995)
  6. Agni Parichya (1996)
  7. Chandal (1997)
  8. Shankar (1998)
  9. Ek Number Ko Pakhe (1999)
  10. Basanti (2001)
  11. Siudo Ko Sindoor (2001)
  12. Dhan sampati (2002)
  13. Sahid Gate(2002)
  14. Hami tin bhai (2004)
  15. Yuddha (2008)
  16. Jay Shiva Shankar (2010)
  17. Dharmaa (2011)
  18. Bato Muni ko phool (2012)
  19. Chabilalkanjus chaina (2012)
  20. Mero Rajesh Dai (2012)
  21. Mukhauta (2014)
  22. Bagmati (2015)
  23. Sakuntala (2016)



Rajesh Hamal has received  more than 118 National Awards. Here I enlist partial awards:

  1. Best Ramp performer
  2. Best Model of the year
  3. National Film Award for Best debut Actor for Yug Dekhi Yug Samma
  4. National Film Award Best Actor Award
  5. CG Digital Award For Best Actor
  6. NEFTA Film Award For Best Actor
  7. Kantipur Television Award For Best Actor
  8. Federation of Nepali Journalists for Best Actor
  9. Best Supporting Actor Award  for Dharmaa
  10. Best Comedian Actor Award for Chabilal kanjus chaina
  11. Best Actor Award In Comic Role for haat ma lagyo sunya
  12. Entertainer of the Year
  13. Best Actor (Popular Choice)
  14. Nepali Superstar Awards
  15. Star of the Year
  16. National Citizen Golden Award




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