Saugat Malla

saugat malla


Name :- Saugat Malla

Date of birth :- June 21, 1976

Birthplace:- Parasi Bazar, Nawalparasi District

Occupation :- Actor, Film producer

Debut movie :- Kagbeni







Saugat Malla is one of talented , renowned and popular actor of Nepal. Saugat debuted to the industry with Kagbeni , a 2008 blockbuster directed by Bhusan Dahal . But Saugat Malla  created a niche for  himself through scintillating performance in the Nepali Blockbuster “LOOT”. His role as Haku Kale was publically acclaimed and his dialogue from the film ” Bal hoina pasa buddhi laga ” became popular amongst the youngsters. Saugat Malla is one of top paid actors of Nepal as he charges 5-6 lakhs per film .


Saugat Malla was born in June 21, 1976 in Parasi Bazar, Nawalparasi District. Saugat Malla now lives in Kumaripati , Kathmandu .He finished his schooling from St.xaviers  Academy.

Saugat Malla was very intrested in acting  since his childhood.He was passionate actor back then and wanted to make his passion as career though his parents didnot want to regard acting as a career . He takes Amitabh Bachchan, Irrfan Khan and Nasseeruddhin Shah as his rolemodel. He  spent his childhood watching movies of these legendary rulers of Bollywood. Saugat  is  reserved person .So he needs time to get along with new people.

Saugat Malla learnt acting from Aarohan Gurukul . He has also acted in plays  like Oedipus Rex and Agni Ko Katha. Thats where director Nischal Basnet noticed him and offered role for his movie Loot . Loot was a blockbuster and lead a cornerstone of sucess to the actors.Saugat Malla was then featured to movies like Utsav , Kabbadi Kabbadi , Lukamari ,Highway and many more.Saugat Malla plays and portrays different characters in each film and thats why hes a versatile actor of Kollywood .


Saugat Malla was in relationship in Sabita Giri .This relationship started back when they were in Hostel of Gurukul and lasted for 9 years .But with mutual relationship they broke up .

Saugat is rumoured to have relationship with Sony KC .In recent report , Saugat Malla has admitted that Sony had once proposed him .But they regard themselves as just good friends.


  1. Kagbeni (2008)
  2. Loot (2012)
  3. Highway (2012)
  4. Soongava (2012)
  5. Chhadke (2013)
  6. Uma (2013)
  7. Katha (2013)
  8. Fitkiri (2015)
  9. Kabaddi Kabaddi (2016)
  10. Lukamari (2016)
  11. Dying Candle (2016)



  1. Best Jury award at FAAN awards

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