Nikhil Uprety

nikhil upreti

Name :- Nikhil Uprety

Other name :- Dinesh Upreti

Date of birth :- August 10, 1980

Birthplace:- Piprabhitta, Sarlahi, Nepal

Occupation :- Actor , director , producer

Debut movie :- Pijada (2000)




Nikhil Uprety is popular nepali action hero .He debuted to the industry through Pijada (2000) in which he jumped from 7 storey building of Manipal Hospital.Nikhil is known for his action stunts .He has worked in more than 110 films .


Nikhil was born in August 10, 1980 in Piprabhitta, Sarlahi, Nepal. Nikhil is son of Govinda Upreti and Bhoj Kumari Upreti. He has three siblings : two sister and one brother.He finished his school education from Birgunj and  higher education from Kathmandu and then moved to Mumbai .There he worked in different movies as an assistant fight director. He also got Diploma in acting from Roshan Taneja’s Studio, Mumbai. Similarly, he participated in  special training in action and got a chance to work as an assistant fight director in ABCL company of Amitabh Bachhan and worked  in dozens of Hindi films.

From the very childhood , Nikhil was interested in sports like football (soccer) and Karate.  He is  a black belt in Karate.

Nikhil is known action hero .From his very first movie , he showed his action skills .Nikhil debuted to the industry through Pijada and then was featured to numerous number of films .After long stay in Mumbai , Nikhil made a comeback in Kollywood from 2015 Hit Movie Bhairab



In 2058 B.S he got married with Kopila Upreti of Noubise, Dhading after 8 years of successful love story. The couple were dating each other since few years till they were absolutely sure that their marriage could work out.

nikhil and sanchita
Nikhil and Sanchita

But when Nikhil was in mumbai , he  married popular Nepali actress Sanchita Luitel secretly in 2009 and they began to live in Mumbai. Nikhil was married with children and Sanchita too was married .They started having secret love affair in Mumbai .But when their secret affair was not secret anymore, Sanchita divorced her first husband  .Nikhil , in other hand also divorced Kopila and lived with Sanchita.

Sanchita has born a son named  Kashal. The boy was born in Norvic Hospital, Kathmandu on 21st August 2011 .


  1. Pinjada
  2. Shibashakti
  3. Kurukshetra
  4. Ram Laxman
  5. Agnipath 
  6. Dhadkan
  7. Karma Yoddha
  8. Bhai-Bhai
  9. Papi Maanche
  10. Bhagya
  11. Barmala
  12. Abhimanyu
  13. A Pandit Baje
  14. Krodh
  15. Manish
  16. Nikhil Dai
  17. Yuddha
  18. Chor Shipahi
  19. Barudh
  20. Pale Dai
  21. Maryada
  22. Bhagya Bidhata
  23. Karan-Arjun
  24. Haami Saathi Bhai
  25. Agni Jwala
  26. Bhairav
  27. Parichaya
  28. Dosti
  29. Hami Tin Bhai
  30. Bhairav



  1. National Films Award
  2. Rastriya Nagarik Swarna Samman






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