5 Premier Photos of Priyanka that will leave you spellbound

Priyanka Karki , a beautiful , talented actress of Nepalese film Industry .Voted as 4th sexiest women of Nepal in 2013  in accordaance to  to a survey done by Folio Magazine. Priyanka steals attention of everyone in premieres , awards or fashion runways .Her bold personality and beautiful face isnot only the reason , her sense of fashion is a bonus .

Here are photos that will leave you spellbound .The hollywood standard looks and fashion statement of Priyanka Karki that stole attention of everyone !


  • Priyanka at the premiere of Jhole





Priyanka looks absolutely stunning in that blue glittery dress !!!..Honestly , when I first saw this photo , I felt like who is this hollywood actress but then she turned out to be our queen of Kollywood , Priyanka Karki !!!..I was then like “woww , seriously ?”

She looks gorgeous and sexy at the mean time !..



  • Priyanka at the premiere of Suntali




On the premiere of Suntali , she should have worn suntali dress but none the less pink has complimented her perfectly .Look at her !!!..she looks beautiful !!!!..Black beauty shining in pink dress with golden highlights .According to a source I have found that this dress weighs 15 kg !!! It is also informed that the trail of the gown weighed 14 K.G whereas the body part weighed 1 K.G.The gown was designed by the U.K fashion designer Sanjay Rai. The hair and makeup was done by Sophia Sunuwar and Sayal shrestha respectively.

  • Priyanka at the premiere of Nai Navaanu la 3




When it comes to fashion statement , Priyanka nevers dissapoints .On premiere of Nai navannu la 3 , Priyanka was seen in violet colored gown with deep cut neckline . .She looked absolutely stunning !!!! and her million dollar smile is just heart throbing !!! Her gown is designed by  Subekshya Bhadel and her styling is done by Sayal Shrestha.

  • Priyanka at the premiere of fanko 




Priyanka looks sexy in this thigh high silt .The black gown is designed by Subekshya Bhadel and styled by Sayal Shrestha .Priyanka looks strong , bold women .She looks stunning !!!


  • Priyanka at the premiere of Aawaran 




Priyanka in white dress is sparking in between two other beauties of Nepal , Sadikchya and Nisha Adhikari .Priyanka looks goorgeous in that simple white gown .The gown is designed by Subekshya Bhadel and her make up is done by Sayal Shrestha.




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