Jerryy , movie review

jerry nepali movie

Film :- Jerryy

Cast :- Anmol K.C , Anna Sharma,

Director :- Hemraj BC.

Writer :-Hemraj BC , Samrat Prasad Gauchan

Genre :- Romance , comedy

Ratings :- 3/5


Jerryy is 2014 love story directed by Hemraj BC.The film features Anmol K.C and  Anna Sharma in lead roles .The film is produced by Manoj Sherchan. The film is about Jaiveer Rana , who changes in one trip , and falls in love .

Jaiveer Rana (Anmol K.C) , known as Jerryy is playboy .He has no concern with feelings and love . Spoiled rich brat , Jerryy loves hanging around with friends and playing around girls .Jerrry goes out to Pokhara where he meets Puggy ,his childhood friend and then further plans to go to Mustang .There his life changes as he falls in love with Akanshya (Anna Sharma ) .Jerry starts having relation with Akanshya .He starts having problem with Asthma . Akanshya feels ignored and start doubting on Jerryy. But condition of Jerry gets worser .He doesn’t tell Akanshya about his condition . Jerry suffers from dilated cardiomyopathy that leads him to death

Talking about strength , Jerryy is fine example of new era nepali film.The presentation , cinematography , dialogues and story is amazing !!!.The song is beautiful !!!.Background music is beautiful .Most importantly , Anmol kc and Anna Sharma has complimented each other and introduced cute reel couple.


Talking about weakness, the story is typical .Also acting of Jerry’s mother and group of girls is worst ! Rather more , Jerry falls for Akashya too quickly.It seems as the story is rushing .So there should have been some more scenes between fights to love .

Its a worth -watching . Go for it !!!



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