Gauri Malla and Anoj Shakya Scandal Case

In last post , we had mention about Gauri Malla sexually assaulted in Japan by assaulter who belongs to  Shakya clan. Now the assaulter has himself revealed his identity as Anoj Shakya . Anoj Shakya has shared his photo with Gauri Malla in his Facebook page .He claims the news is not true and authentic .He says only one side of story was heard for this news to be published and ask to punish the editor of Online khabar for this news .

gauri malla japan scandal Anoj Shakya has shared his photos with Gauri Malla and has said reporters to add these photos in their news report .He has also said  to help him by circulating this news worldwide .He further says Gauri Malla is characterless actress who came to sleep with him though he already had a husband .Wait…Isn’t Gauri Malla divorced ???

The case is getting more complicated .With Anoj Shakya ‘s statements and photos , there is no reaction from Gauri Malla .

The case is hotcake in the media and matter of gossips in social medias .There has arose many question regarding Gauri Malla ‘s character and Anoj Malla’s initiative to be popular .The truth is yet to be revealed .


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