Gauri Malla sexually assaulted in Japan

The legendary actress , Gauri Malla has recently acclaimed that she was sexually assaulted by a japan -residential Nepali man in Japan . Gauri Malla did not want to reveal the identity of assaulter but she says he is local resident of Bhaisipati , Patan and belongs to Shakya clan.

gauri malla

According to sources ,  She was contacted by the assaulter to come Japan and pursue further acting career as there is no scope in Nepal . Assuring that he has well known contact with filmy people , The assaulter had send Gauri Mall 3 lakh rupees for the japan visit .Gauri Malla says she was tempted to offer of a Eco -spray for air filter commercial and had fled to Japan in March .

But when she got there, she was sexually assaulted .Gauri Malla has filed case against that assaulter for  sexual assault , molestation , loss of time and economic loss in Nepalese ambassador in Japan .The case is still under study .The official says they will take immediate action . On the other hand , assaulter acclaims he has nothing to do with this news and the case .


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