New actress required for Anmol KC !!!

Anmol KC is popular actor of Nepal. With back to back blockbuster from his Hostel to his latest film Gajalu , Anmol hasnot repeated a single actress .To be precise , Anmol Kc plays opposite new actresses.Either be it Prakriti Shrestha in Hostel , Anna Sharma in Jerryy , Samragyee RL Shah in Dreams or Shristi Shrestha in Gajalu , Anmol KC has paired up with new actresses and introduced cute couples to the industry .Now that Anmol KC is assigned to CRI , a action based revenge film for 20 lakhs !!!! ..The production team is in search of new actress for the film.


The actress would be selected from open auditions.Intrested are to apply for the aunditions . Girls in age from 18-22 with height more than 5.5 ft. can apply for the auditions and win chance to share screen with Anmol K.C !!

Preety excited who is to share the screen with Anmol !!!!

Lets just wait and watch 🙂


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