Boyfriends of Nepali actress

Ever thought the actresses who steal away heart of many fans , who are lucky ones who steal away heart of the actresses ?.

This post might be heartbreaking to all die hard fans out there .But yet, Its post of excitement and fun .However , this post might require updates quite often and most importantly , the stated are relations are listed in accordance of actresses social profiles and secondary sources .

Here are list of boyfriends of Nepali actress:-

Anna Sharma , known for her role in Jerryyy and her onscreen chemistry with Anmol K.C was rumored to have been in relationship with Anmol .Both , Anmol and Anna stated themselves as just good friends .They have now officially stated they are and werenot in relationship .

So who is Anna ‘s Boyfriend ???…Its Sonam Tsering Sherpa !!!  Rumours state Sonam Tsering Sherpa is son of Lhakpa Sonam Sherpa , owner of Yeti Airlines .


anna sharma and her boyfriend
Anna and her Boyfriend

Jyotsna Yogi , a new debut actress from Ma ta timroooi hoon .With onscreen chemistry of Jyotsna with Aakash Shrestha , rumours that Jyotsna and Aakash are in relationship. These two fellows started their modelling career together and belong to House of Fashion In recent interview with Mazzako TV , they stated they both are in relationship..So, People are doubting if these two are in relationship .

But let me say , Jyotsna isnot in relationship with Aakash .She is in relationship with Razat Khadka !!!

Jyotsna with her boyfriend
Jyotsna and her boyfriend


Paramita Rana is well known actress in the industry .She is debuting with Chapali Height 2. Most of the might know or mightnot know , Paramita is in open relationship with Ayushman Desraj Joshi her co-star in Chapali height 2.

paramita with her boyfriend
Paramita’s boyfriend Ayushman

Luv Sab actress ,Karishma Shrestha is linked with Salon Basnet .These two fellows are caught together in media alot times but when they are asked to state about their relationship .They state themselves asbest friends.Well , According to Karan Johar , A boy and a girl can never be best friends. But when it comes to them , not at all. We know secret language of the celebrities ..Good friends means yes they are in relationship !

karishma and salon
Karishma and Salon
  • Aashma DC

Aashma DC , aavash actress is in relationship with Samyam Puri .Though there is rumour about their breakups , it is not verified yet .

Aashma and Samyam

Benisha Hamal is openly in relationship with Kosis Chhetri , Mokshya actor .She acclaimed themselves as bestfriends and then stated about liking him .

Benisha and kosish


  • Akesha Bista

Akesa , Zindagi rocks actress is rumoured to be in relationship with zindagi rocks co-star Sauram Tuladhar .

akesha and sauram
Akesha and Sauram


Keki Adhikari , who is seen in numerous of music videos and films. Keki is rumoured to be having something fishy with singer Rajesh Payal Rai .Recently , Keki and Rajesh Payal Rai are caught together .Both are active in social medias sharing their selfies .

keki and rajesh payal rai


  • Neeta Dhungana

Actress Neeta Dhungana has openly stated that she is deeply in love with Amesh Bhandari , co-star of fulai ful ko mausam timilaii .

neeta dhungana and amesh bhandari
Neeta and Amesh


Pooja Sharma , Known actress for Prem Geet is often rumoured with director Sudarshan Thapa .They are often caught together in media .They are rumored as couples but they havenot named their relationship .They regard themselves as just good friends. But in recent interview with Mazzako , On talk with Sudarshan Thapa not being romantic , Pooja Sharma said  Sudarshan Thapa isnot romantic when with her..Why would a friend be romantic with her ?..Point to be noted 🙂

pooja and sudarshan thapa



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