Salon Basnet


Name :- Salon Basnet

Date of birth :- 1st January

Birthplace:-Thankot, Kathmandu

Parents :- Shovit Basnet and Mina Basnet

Debut movie:- Hostel

Best known for his role as ‘Junge’ in Hostel and ‘ Jayason‘ in Gajalu , Salon Basnet is  one of popular actor of the industry. Salon is son of popular film director Shovit Basnet. Before debuting from Hostel , Salon was featured in the film of his father when he was just 6-7 months !! He then played as child artist in the film”Nepali Babu” at the age of 8.


13339474_1015336921895809_116109776253050645_nSalon Basnet was born to Shovit  and Mina Basnet .He was born in Thankot .Salon  is close to his grandmother

He finished his schooling from Bright Future Secondary School. He loved dancing . He had participated in a dance program in Sabha Ghriha along with his father .He says his first earning was 11 thousand which he earned at the age of 5 years !

He studied +2 in Capital College. He was vocalist and bassist in a college band .He says he was punk that time. He studied BBA in National Account College , Sanepa.

He wanted to study abroad but the appreciation of viewers lead him to change his thoughts and stick into Nepalese Movies Industry.

Salon is rumored to be in relationship with Karishma Shrestha but they regard themselves as only best friend.


  1. Hostel (2013)
  2. Luv Sub (2015)
  3. Aavash (2015)
  4. Eauta Sathi (2014)
  5. Aadha Page (2015)
  6. Gajalu (2016)

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