Rishma Gurung



Name:- Rishma Gurung

Date of birth :-

Birthplace:– Pokhara

Debut movie:-Karma (Gurung movie) ,Kabbaddi (Nepali movie)

Parents :– Kumar Gurung , Shanti Gurung





Rishma Gurung , known for her role as Maiya is one of promising actress of Nepal . Debuted through Kabbadi in 2014 , Rishma has established herself as talented actress. Before debuting to Nepalese film industry , Rishma was well known face in Gurung Movies.She has acted in about 3 gurung movies.



Rishma Gurung was born in paradise of Nepal , Pokhara . She says she was selfish in child but as growing up , she realized being selfish isnot acceptable in society .

Rishma , thinks earning prestige and popularity is important than earning money .She says coming this industry has brought huge satisfaction in her .

Rishma loves dancing and also has choreographed dance in her film “karma”.She used to teach dance in her village .She has also performed stage performance.


  1. Kabbadi (Debut)
  2. Kabbadi kabbadi (2015)
  3. Jhumkeee

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