Luv sab review


Film name :- Luv Sab

Cast:-Samyam Puri, Salon Basnet,Karishma Shrestha, Shisir Bhandari

Director:-Dev Kumar Shrestha

Writer:- Samten Bhutia

Genre :- Romance , Comedy



Luv Sab is 2015 romantic comedy film directed by Dev Kumar Shrestha. The film stars Samyam Puri, Salon Basnet, Karishma Shrestha, Shisir Bhandari in lead roles.The film is produced by Sushil Kumar Pokharel and written by Samten Bhutia. The story revolves around three closest friend whose life changes due to entry of a girl in their life.

Traffic (Samyam Puri ) is , orphan , deaf and dumb , who lives in Pati . Chandan (Salon Basnet ) is punk who gets himself in gang fights . Bhola ( Shisir Bhandari) is shoemaker .These three characters of the film , who are different from each other in status , caste and ethnicity shares common bond of friendship.But their life totally changes after Alishma (Karishma Shrestha) enters their life .Alishma , a very beautiful girl who lives in her maternal uncle house after death of her mother is unaware of love and attention given by Traffic .Traffic is madly in love with Alishma . Seeing Traffic madly in love with her , Bhola tries to convince Traffic not to fall for her as they do not match each other. To the fact , Traffic is poor , deaf and dumb ,their love story is impossible. The situation complicates when Chandan too falls for her.

Traffic couldnot face the reality that he is poor , orphan , deaf and dumb. He was madly in love with Karishma and wanted her so bad that he  thinks of robbing ATM as he sees people carrying bundle of notes when coming out from there. On this , he get caught by Guard .Unintentionally , Traffic pushes Guards towards a car and Guard gets seriously injured. After this incident , Traffic realizes that what he was dreaming couldnot be fulfilled. Their life gets emotional turn as Traffic is followed by Police.

Talking about strength, Film is very realistic .It has portrayed life of Kathmandu .The characters have given  different taste to the film .Bhola belongs to Madhesi , Alishma belongs to Newar and Traffic and Chandan are portrayed as Pahadis. The film is full  entertainer and has portrayed  emotional and humorous plot perfectly . Acting of leads are natural esp. Samyam Puri has done great job .The role of Alishma’s maternal uncle is entertaining.Dialogues are awesome !!! Cinematography is awesome !! Luv sab is perfect blend of drama , love , emotions and sense of humor .The way , story unfolds life story of Traffic through his dream is commendable. The scene where Traffic tries to feel music  is heartbreaking and how can I forget , the scene of traffic and his lost uncle .The film is full of emotions and everyone in film  has justified their role .

Talking about weakness , At first Traffic’s sound is quite irritating . Fights in the film are quite unnatural . Also , at last scene , Bullet fire isn’t necessary and it feels as if writer is trying to be more dramatic .

Overall, Film is awesome !!!! Its definitely one of best film in 2015 .

Have you watched Luv sab yet ? No ? Go for it !!!!

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