luv sab , full movie youtube release


Teen romantic comedy LUV SAB is recently released in youtube by highlightsnepal.The very sucessful movie luv sab stars Samyam puri , Karishma Shrestha , Salon Basnet and Shisir Bhandari in lead roles. The story revolves around three friends , Samyam , Karishma and Salon and effect on their friendship after entry of a girl ,Karishma in their life. The film is romantic comedy film .Best known for comedy roles, Salon and Shishir has taken responsibility to make aundience laugh throughout the film.Samyam however, plays role of dumb .

The flim is counted amongst sucessful movies of last year .Audiences who couldnot watch the flim due to some reasons can now watch and enjoy the movie at home.With youtube release , the movie accumulated more than 40K views in youtube in less than 24 hour .

Here is the link to the full movie ..Get yourself some refreshments and Enjoy the movie !


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