Karishma Shrestha



Name :- Karishma Shrestha

Date of birth :-March 10

Birthplace:- Gulmi

Almamater :- V.S niketan

Debut movie:– Euta saathi





Debuted from Euta saathi  Karishma shrestha is yet another talented , beautiful actress. Her , another sucessful film Luv Sab brought her to fame where she played opposite Samyam Puri and Salon Basnet. She is currently working on her new project “Jhilke” .


1797618_566086493487523_411715356_nKarishma was born in Gulmi . Tamaghas.She graduated her highschool from V.S niketan and is currently studying BHM in Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management..

Karishma is rumoured as girlfriend of Salon Basnet .However she hasnot clarified her relationship status yet.She says she and Salon are just best friends.

She says she loves to show variation in her roles .She wants to present herself in bold character and would love to do some bold films.


  1. Euta Saathi
  2. Luv Sab
  3. Jhhilke

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