JISM , trailer released


Jism , the movie which was popular in media due to various reasons has set Asar 31 as its release date .Product of Raju giris production, Jism is directed by Raju Giri himself . The flim stars Archana Paneru , better known as Nepali Sunny Leone and Surendra budhathoki in main roles .According to production crew, Archana was offered 4 lakhs for this movie .Despite being regarded as Archana Paneru’s first flim , the flim has been regarded the second movie interms of release date .

According to Raju Giri , the film deals with glamour world and the story plot revolves around a model named Archana who is bound to indulge in sexual activities so as to earn her living and for social welfare. He states Archana as model who is ready to sell herself for welfare of others. Raju Giri assures that the storyline is  good enough to compet hindi movies.

The flim was initially named as Glamour but as Archana suggested , the film was renamed as Jism .The fact that archana suggested flim to be renamed as jism , which was originally her debut flim , the title “Nepali Sunny Leone ” goes with her preety well as Sunny leone debuted bollywood with Jism 2 .

The flim is certified as adult film and viewers above 16 can only watch the movie. The flim would be released worldwide from Asar 31.


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