Barsha Raut

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Name :- Barsha Raut

Date of birth :- Dec 14

Birth place :- Sindhuli

Height:- 5 ft. 4 inch

Debut movie :- Nai navannu la 4



Barsha Raut is  popular yet promising actress of Nepal. Debuted from Nai navannu la 4 , Barsha , in very short time has able to establish herself as talented and popular actress. Best known for her smile , Barsha is definately one of beautiful actress in the industry.

In 2 years of her modelling career , Barsha acted in more than  3 dozens of music videos.Barsha says she did her first few music videos without permission of her parents as her parents are very strict. But with her performance , she was able to convince her parents to enter in this career .



Barsha is originally from Sindhuli. She regards herself as very rude person and thats tone thing she want to change about her. She is currently living in Koteshwor , Kathmandu .


Barsha is closest to Sanjog koirala .She regards him as his close and best friends. She says they are more than friends but not in relationship .She says she would love to be in relationship with him if such situation comes in near future.






  • Euta Satya by Bhishan Mukarung

  • Adhuro Lagchha – Kumar Lama
  • Timi Hidne Bato – Sailesh Sharma
  • Hulaki Dai – Ranjit Lama
  • I Wanna Live Again – Nepsyang Blues

          many more…


  • Nai navannu la 4 (Debut)
  • Chakka Panja
  • Jatra
  • Marina

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