Anmol k.c , highest paid actor in Nepalese film industry !


Anmol K.C is highest paid actor of Nepalese Film Industry . With continous blockbusters , back to back  Anmol  is the most popular actor right now. The heartthrob sensation that anmol has , is able to capture heart of many nepalese girls.Started journey from Hostel , then sad romantic films , Jerry and Dreams , now when his gajalu is on release and doing preety well, Anmol has improved alot in his acting .The fame and name of Anmol k.c is rising and so is rate of this handsome hunk !

Anmol takes about 8-10 lakhs for a film .Now that his fame is rising , Anmol recently stated in an interview that he was offered a film for 30 lakhs !..However, Anmol told that he isnot concerned with the money that producers offer but is concerned  to script that they offer. Anmol says his ultimate aim is to broaden the scope and market of Nepalese film industry .

Recently, Anmol is assigned for a flim “kri” for 20 lakhs !! The flim will be made under banner of Kajal flims and Suwas entertainment. Kri is a sanskrit word which translates to revenge .The shooting of the flim will start after 6 months.

All the best for this handsome hunk , he certainly is rising star of the industry !


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