Samragyee in Ye Mero hajur 2 , becomes highest paid actress


samragyee-inThe popular Dream actress is assigned to new project “Mero hajur 2” a direction venture of actress Jharana Thapa . The film would be sequel to 2001 blockbuster film Ye mero hajur .Late Shree krishna Shrestha , Jharana Thapa , Ganesh Upreti were lead actors in that film . Jharana Thapa is debuting as director in this film.

The film has finalized Samragyee RL Shah and Nazir Hussain in lead roles. According to sources , Samragyee is inveigle into project for 5 lakhs , making Samragyee highest paid actress in the industry . The film was suppose to star Anmol K.C as main actor but due to busy schedule of Anmol , The role is handed over to another talented yet popular actor of the industry Nazir Hussain .

Jharana thapa had declared making of Ye mero hajur 2 in 2071 .This movie was planned to start its shooting from the end of Falgun 2071 B.S but since Anmol was busy in other projects ,The shooting was postponed . The production team sincerely waited for approval of Anmol K.C for the film as father of Anmol ,  Bhuwan KC told many times during programs that he would work in Thapa’s ‘A Mero Hajur 2 .Jharana Thapa had also told in interviews that she would only work with Anmol. But now that Anmol is assigned to kri for 20 lakhs , the crew thought of casting Nazir Hussain opposite Samragyee in the film.

The film is soon going to start its shooting .


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