Resham Filili , The review


Film :- Resham Filili

Cast :- Vinay Shrestha, Karma, Kameshwor Chaurasiya, Menuka Pradhan, Shishir Bangdel and Ashutosh Shrestha.

Director :- Pranab Joshi

Writer:- Pranab Joshi

Genre :- Comedy , Drama , Social satire

Resham filili is 2015 comedy film directed by Pranab Joshi . The film stars Vinay Shrestha, Karma, Kameshwor Chaurasiya, Menuka Pradhan, Shishir Bangdel and Ashutosh Shrestha. The film deals with life struggle of Resham after being cheated by manpower company .

Resham , a village boy , alike youths of Nepal dreams to flee to Qatar and bring back home bundle of notes and marry off her sister Suntali in proper way .But his dreams end in smoke when he is brought to Kathmandu instead of Qatar . Resham struggles in Kathmandu and always visits Manpower company to ask for refund but in vain , he is kicked out .With burden of family loan and responsibility being the only son in family , Resham along with his friend seeks for possible ways to earn money .But get entangled with problems as they mess with  don of the city , Dorje don to whom they owe 7 lakhs.

They shift to Kritipur to hide from the Dorje don and there Resham meets Sunita and falls in love with her . Resham and Hariya indulge themselves as spot boys in film set.On this they plan to loot Bryan , top actor with investment of manpower company owner.But their plan fails. Resham gets to know his mother is suffering from Myocardic Infrangia and is admitted to hospital and need 200,000 for surgery .Huge fight occur between Resham and Hariya for money. Hariya goes missing when Resham finds Hariya has paid off all the hospital bills of her mother.Later , Resham finds out Hariya is been kidnapped and Resham and his team goes to save Hariya .

Talking about strengths , The film has managed to link with reality .The story of survival , typical lifestyle in Kathmandu valley is amazingly portrayed .Also , the dialogues are humorous . Every character has a story . The cinematography is praiseworthy and music is amazing !! to the fact Jaalma of the movie was such a hit  .

The film is blend of comedy and emotional scenes .Comedy scenes when Resham runs with fan and house owner claims his fan  , Hariya running with Sunny Leone poster , that epic scene at massage center and most epic , Charkha eating momo in middle of fight add humor to the film whereas emotional scenes when people cry while Resham is crying over phone , Resham remembering moments with Hariya adds emotions to film .The actors has justified their character

Talking about weakness , as story itself says based on fake story , the story line of the movie is impractical .The viewers can feel over drama added by the writer .The story could be improved but the story line of the story isn’t satisfactory.

Have you watched Resham Filili yet ?..

Watch Resham Filili here



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